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Get sensual inspiration for your sex life in real time 3D! Sex Positions 3D is the first sex positions guide with exclusive 3D graphics deed for your iPhone and iPad. Discover the millenary world of the Kamasutra and learn all about new related techniques and beyond.

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Sex Positions 3D contains dozens of sex positions tastefully illustrated and accompanied by detailed explanations. Learn about a new world of sensuality and surprise your partner thanks to this app! An erotic experience in 3D. Only Sex Positions 3D can convey such an accurate depiction of a love position! Sensual inspiration. Easily pick a position from one of the 7 3d sex app - Let yourself be surprised with a random position! The way to the perfect lover. Just put it on the to-do list!

This way you'll be able to achieve grandmastery of the Kamasutra in an awesome, pleasurable experience. Premium Plan Subscription: -Any time you can reach out your updated reports for all features. What do you think Love Positions 3D app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples? The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to USD!

The proportion of people asking to get this app off their phone and also rating it 5 stars is extremely sketchy. I suspect the developer has either posted these or paid to have these posted. That said, I love the app, and it's definitely gotten the creative juices flowing before, so I'll give it a solid 4 stars. Well done! Another wonderful app destroyed by greed. Developer should be ashamed of themself. I am submitting a complaint to Apple to have versions 2. I love the app so far but would like to suggest a few improvements. Most of the positions lack the description.

I mean real description not a few words like: "man le". Please, provide positions with full detailed descriptions. And make them pictures move!

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Because most o the times it's hard not only to understand who has to move but even HOW? Nice but it could be perfect. I pain for the extended pack and before I could even get my husband to look at it the app completely blocked me from showing him. How can I get refunded for that? What a rip off.

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My friend and me were messing around and I left for a second and the next thing I know he downloaded this app. I was so mad please help me out thanks. It's pretty gr8 and for everyone that is asking for removal from history they can't do that and don't let other people know your passwords set a password on pretty much everything u can and people won't download unwanted things. It helped a lot with questions I had from the descriptions because it was in 3D. I purchased this just to be open to things and even paid the fee to unlock all positions.

So now I can not get into the app at all without subscribing to the subscription nor even see what I paid for the first time. I try to select restore purchases and it says I 3d sex app not purchased anything! Really frustrated! My stupid friends at a sleepover took my phone and downloaded this I deleted this but it's still shows up on history I'll rate 5 star if you take this off my phone. I like this app so far.

I think the 3D was a great idea. Other than that, I hope more positions are added! How has the developer not fixed this after weeks of complaints. A good app turned awful. There is no way they are getting anyone to pay that unless they do it by mistake. DO NOT download or buy extras until they fix this bug because it is a scam and rip off. I'm giving you a five star rate. Please I'm 15 and my stupid ex stole my phone and bought the app and my parents would send me to hell if they found this please remove it from my purchases.

Thank you. I love all the sex positions I know someday I'm going to try am on my girlfriend she will probably think I'm weird but it's true what we're gonna do about having sex but it's perfect I know every sex position is especially doggy style. My friends thought it would be funny to download this. Please remove don't want my trust with my parents gone. I'll report this app to Apple if not removed. This is the only app of this genre that seems to have real work and effort put into making it.

You also don't get spammed with adds near as bad as other apps either. I think the app is very good. It would be nice to get a detailed description of each position and how it is performed. If the photos of each position moved it would be a lot easier to understand and perform.

This app is hilarious. A purple rendering of a couple in a myriad of sex positions. It's like a 3D Kama Sutra by aliens from another world!! My single biggest complaint is the full screen "stop the laughs and make the user look at this". A banner wasn't enough? This is a great diversion for a quick laugh. 3d sex app won't be keeping it on my phone. My friends got on my phone and downloaded this as a joke. I am giving u 5 stars plz remove this from my purchases.

My parents will kill me. I did not download this!! I don't know why this is on my purchased list, one of my friends must have downloaded this, I'm 14 and do not need my parents to see this. Please take off purchase list I accidentally downloaded it when looking at different apps! My stupid friend downloaded this and it's on my history.

I would like you to take it off my history please. My friend download this as a joke. My parents will get mad if they see this. Please take it off my purchased 3d sex app I paid for this app about 8 months ago to unlock all the positions. Outright feel scammed rn. This is a great app. Very informative and exciting, opening the world of possibilities for you and your lover. I do wish there was a description with each, but 3D pictures are worth words.

I bought extended pack! Why monthly payment? Does it involve any server cost? Everything is processing in my mobile! Where is my onetime payment service? Greedy developer!

3d sex app

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