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In the months before the pandemic, I was involved in an extensive piece of research into the sex work industry in the UK. Focusing on the main online market for sex work in the UK, AdultWorkwe analysed the profiles ad ultwork more than 11, sex workers to understand the industry and how it operates online. The total of sex workers in the UK was estimated in to be slightly over 70, so our sample was a substantial portion of the industry albeit not necessarily a representative sample.

The findings, and follow-up work that I have done subsequently, give some valuable insight into the shape of the sex industry in the UK, as well as some of the changes and challenges experienced by sex workers during the pandemic. The majority of these non-British workers identified as being from eastern European countries the next largest was western Europeans, including Spaniards and Germans, but it was a far smaller proportion.

Many travelled to the UK for a few weeks of work followed by a return to their home country, where they had family and dependants to feed.

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Sex work was their main source of income. In many ways, they are also probably the workers who have been most challenged by the pandemic. We have heard a lot about how the pandemic has been very difficult for industries that bring people together such as pubs, restaurants and airlines.

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Sex work has also been severely challenged by the fact that people have not been allowed to physically interact outside their households in the UK and elsewhere during most of the pandemic. Unlike most other industries, many sex workers have not been eligible for government support during the crisis.

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Because many do not have records of their taxed income they have been unable to benefit from the UK income support scheme for self-employed people. This is even more likely to have been the case for the many sex workers in the UK whose primary residence is abroad. Reports have also noted that many sex workers turned to offering online services. Yet that does not mean that no in-person sex work has been taking place, as we found during follow-up research. Though it is very difficult to produce comprehensive statistics on the volume of sexual transactions, a simple comparison between the daily of reviews that clients left on AdultWork after receiving services in and suggests there has been no substantial decline in the of encounters — see the graph below.

In fact, the pandemic-induced financial pressure has reportedly made former sex workers return to the ad ultwork and many newcomers start working in the profession too. A more competitive market is likely to mean that workers either lower their prices ad ultwork take bigger risks with the services they provide, or both at the same time. My preliminary analysis shows that the gap between the highest and lowest prices has increased during the pandemic. On top of that, when meeting people outside of your household is illegal, in-person sex work effectively becomes illegal too in the UK sex work is normally legal, though various activities, including pimping, running a brothel and soliciting in a public place, are all illegal.

This is likely to have meant that vulnerable workers have been taking bigger risks while being afraid of the legal consequences of, for example, going to the police to report an assault by a client.

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In our analysiswe found out that the majority of sex workers, as well as ones most in demand, were aged between 18 and 36, which puts them at the end of the queue for vaccines. This would only change if governments recognised that sex work has not stopped in spite of the social-distancing restrictions, and considered the health risks that sex workers take in their day-to-day jobs and the benefits of an early vaccination both for them and society as a whole.

Plymouth Contemporary — Plymouth, Devon.

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Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Challenging circumstances.

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Taha YasseriUniversity College Dublin. Sex work and the pandemic We have heard a lot about how the pandemic has been very difficult for industries that bring people together such as pubs, restaurants and airlines.

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