Alpha fucks beta

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Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks. A phrase to describe a woman's mating behavior where she freely engages in sexual activities with the physically attractive, charismatic, charming, suave and confident males - in other words, the Alpha males - with no strings attachedshit-tests, favors, catches and any rules, hence Alpha Fucks. At the same time the woman denies sex to the physically unattractive and undesirable men - in other words, the Beta males - instead giving ambiguous promises that sex will be offered in return if the males treat her well, take her out to dates, buy her dinner, bring her gifts, etc, hence Beta Bucks.

For the Betassex is held behind many barriers such as the " three dates " rule, all-expenses paid dinners, shopping trips, favors, funny jokes, rapport building, lengthy text convosshit tests and more Hence, the term Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks.

This phrase can also alternatively be used to describe how a woman spends her young and fertile years hooking up and getting knocked up by the Alphas with absolutely no strings attached, and later as she seeks to settle down, seeks out a Beta to provide for her and her Alpha spawn. Samantha wrote on her Tinder profile "I'm looking for a gentleman to treat me right, buy me gifts and take me to dinners.

No hookups unless you look like Jason Statham!

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Alpha fucks beta

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