Area rule 34

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Note: The Association as agent can arrange additional cover for the shipment of cargo with a declared value.

Note: Additional cover in respect of deviation is available pursuant to Rule 2. Table of contents. Rule 34 Cargo liability 1 The Association shall cover the following liabilities when and to the extent that they relate to cargo intended to be or being or having been carried on the Ship: a liability for loss, shortage, damage or other responsibility arising out of any breach by the Member, or by any person for whose acts, neglect or default he may be legally liable, of his obligation properly to load, handle, stow, carry, keep, care for, discharge or deliver the cargo or area rule 34 of unseaworthiness or unfitness of the Ship; b liability for loss, shortage, damage or other responsibility in respect of cargo carried by a means of transport other than the Ship, when the liability arises under a through or transhipment Bill of Lading, or other form of contract, providing for carriage partly to be performed by the Ship, provided that unless and to the extent that the Association in its discretion shall otherwise decide, the cover under this Rule

Area rule 34

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Rule 34 Cargo liability