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Yes, you DID fuck our son last night. Stepdad went to go get the pill, but as soon as he left Sylvia was taken again by her son's huge cock. She begged him at first to stop but once he bottomed out she came hard and by the time her husband had been handed the pill she was begging her son to breed her fertile pussy with his big baby giver.

Raising kids is hard enough with two, when one is on the road you have to fill both rolls. I at least wanted him to know I was a safe place and we can talk about anything. As a parent I feel I need to be a helping hand, giving birth to his sexuality in the same way I gave him life.

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I left his sister sleep in the crib in her room and and instead of my normal pjs I decided to wear the little nightie hubby bought me last Valentines. As soon as I tell him I can see him freeze up. He gets in the bed first and I take my time getting all my stuff done. Reaching here, grabbing over there, bending at the hips, reaching over him when I could as easily without practically exposing my self went around the bed.

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I get in bed but purposely forget the light. I tease my hand down lower with each stroke, finally I slip a finger under the band and feel wetness. His breathing is off the charts and I can feel his heart beat fast, I venture lower and I touch it.

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I feel him suck in; he stops breathing. In the afterglow of the moment I lick my fingers clean as I smell his aroma, sweet but let salty.

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Thinking of what just transpired, I bring myself off while smelling my hand. What a sight I must of looked as popping out of that nightie, I think of what fun I could have had if he could of just lasted a little longer. Bring his body over me, spreading myself wide so he could see the promised land. Feeling him just spreading me so thinly, as deep as he could. Couple pumps, alas maybe next time. The moment you realize dumping that frigid sorority bitch and deciding to just drive home for the weekend was the best thing that ever happened to you.

She knew two things for certain as he flooded her with his warm virile goo. One, she'd never deny her son "his" pussy again the orgasms were too big to give up. Two, she was never going to take that pill or any pill again. Raising Cain Raising kids is hard enough with two, when one is on the road you have to fill both rolls. Quite the convention. Oh, morning Mom. Top Photos.

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Big butt moms tumblr

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