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Makoto is Blazblue's resident boxer. She's a beginner friendly rushdown character with relatively basic tools for getting in and dealing damage. She has a standing overhead, a crossup tool, frame traps, and several lows to back up her pressure.

She has a unique fireball that she can set for oki, or punch to blazblue makoto it across the screen. Makoto's Drive is primarily a combo tool. She charges punches of increasing strength. Each level has a different utility. Her Overdrive cranks it up a notch to improve her damage. Makoto also has many callout tools in her kit. Her specials allow her to make hard re for good reward. Coupled with a fast run speed, solid air dashes, and a few tricky tools, she can close the gap quickly from mid range to get up close and personal. Unfortunately, Makoto is not without her weaknesses.

Many of Makoto's attacks lack the range most of the cast has. Additionally, she doesn't have very strong options to approach zoners and mobile characters. Despite these struggles, Makoto is a solid character that's easy to pick up and enjoy. Makoto's jab. It hits very high blazblue makoto will whiff on many crouching characters.

Not very good as an anti-air, but faster than the average jab. You can interrupt certain moves with the speed, but you'll still lose to stagger pressure. Can cancel into itself. Each hit has a slightly different animation, but the frame data and hitboxes remain the same. One of Makoto's all-around best normals. It has good range, quick start-up, and propels her forward. It's great for spacing, pressure, and combo filler.

Because of its P1 proration, fast speed, and reach, this is Makoto's unequivocally best counter-hit combo starter. Use it to punish whiffed or blocked dragon punches, or other moves with very long recovery. Note its disadvantage on block and that it can not be jump canceled on block - once she has committed to this normal in block strings, her follow-up options become ificantly more risky. Useful for hit-confirming.

It is also safe on block unless IB'd, so you can use it to end blockstrings. If you delay this move enough, this move also functions as a powerful frame trap. It's extremely fast blazblue makoto hard to spot. Its fast speed and relatively long hitbox make it a decent normal for punishing whiffed moves that opponents try to space her with.

It's also blazblue makoto for basic stagger pressure. Cancels into almost all of her moves including throw. If mashed, Makoto uses a different animation for the followup attacks that has a slightly faster startup than the first hit. This is Makoto's only viable low for mix-up, although it sadly has fairly bad proration. Many players will expect her high, 6B, after the blocked 5C[C] and will get caught by the second low. She can also OTG AKA pick up opponents "off the ground" with this normal to punish people who don't emergency tech after knockdown. Depending on the combo, you can get more corner carry or cancel into D lvl2 to add some damage.

However, it is extremely useful in combos since it will OTG and floats the opponent, allowing for many moves to follow it up. This is Makoto's go-to anti-air. The animation propels her forward slightly, which can be either good or bad - it's bad when it in 6A whiffing. However it performs decently for this function and beats or trades with a lot of strong air attacks. It has some surprising usefulness in other roles as well. It can also gatling into her overhead, 6B, which many players are not used to seeing or reacting to. Can be jump canceled on block, however its horizontal hitbox is short and it tends to whiff after barrier blocks.

Makoto's first and most important ground overhead. One of the fastest ground overhe out of the Blazblue cast. Can combo after 5CC on crouching opponents.

Ground bounces opponent on aerial hit, allowing you to combo. This is one of Makoto's most interesting normals. It's best to use it this way by staggering blazblue makoto after a blocked 5C. It's a great move for combos against floating opponents since it can carry them much closer to the corner, and for grounded opponents it also gives some interesting options.

This move has both head and body attribute invincibility, along with a fairly low hitbox. This allows it to go under many attacks that other characters cannot avoid. However, this move is a double-edged sword - its long start-up makes it very difficult to land on reaction, while using it on prediction makes it incredibly unsafe. Although it can be devastating, it should definitely be used wisely and with caution.

Her basic air jab. The hitbox on it is decent and goes mostly horizontal, making it somewhat useful at interrupting air approaches. Useful, but nothing to write home about. This is one of Makoto's trademark attacks. It covers the area straight above Makoto and stuns for a very long time on counter hit.

Helps tremendously in match-ups against floaty airborne characters like Arakune. This attack's diagonally downward hitbox makes this her go-to air-to-ground attack. The hitbox is pretty piddly and will lose to pretty much every anti-air, so use it wisely. Blazblue makoto has a niche purpose in combos. Canceling into this from a blocked jC or landing and using 2B creates a somewhat useful mixup. Unlike 5CC, you can cancel into this from a whiffed j. Another blazblue makoto of Makoto's trademark moves.

Makoto bounces in blazblue makoto air and falls on her opponent with her tail. Its altered momentum can be used to bait anti-airs. You bounce up slightly and can cancel into j. B to combo. You can be punished on block if the opponent 5As or anti airs.

Strong straight forward punch. Level 3 is used in combos a lot. Level 1 and 2 can be special canceled to use in pressure. You can't combo after Level 3 5D unless you are close to the corner or have meter for a Rapid Cancel, but after a corner hit you can start a corner combo based on combo proration e. Makoto does a step forward then delivers a strong uppercut. Causes a fatal counter at level 3. Level 3 2D launches the opponent high enough that you can combo after it with 2C or just an aerial combo. Level 1 and 2 can be used in combos with a strong enough starter e. Makoto propels herself forward using her tail to do a strong punch in the air.

You can combo into j. D from j. D is a combo tool with no real use in neutral. It also halts air momentum, so if you're desperate to avoid an attack you can use it to stop yourself. Makoto hits the opponent with her tail a couple of times then follows it up with an uppercut to send them flying in front of her.

B for easier combos. Makoto flips and lands on the opponent, then gets up on the other side. You can combo after it with 2B or C. The special cancel is a little later than expected. Makoto does a flip kick sending the opponent to ground then follows up with a headbutt. Consistent at all air heights because Makoto and her opponent will always be in the same position.

Can combo afterward with 2B. Makoto's counter assault has the same animation as her 6C and launches the opponent a good distance away. It's decent as a counter assault, but nothing special. Moves Makoto forward. CT is very useful for combos, partially because of its vertical hitbox.

It also causes hard knockdown on air hit. Overall a solid addition to Makoto's mixup tools. Makoto lays a ball of energy in front of her. Hits three times. It's a projectile that's mostly used to setup your okizeme after a corner knockdown, forcing the opponent to either block or risk a reversal. However, it also has use in some combos that bring the opponent into the air. Comet Cannon also gets bigger after some time. Follow up after Comet Cannon. Makoto punches the orb launching it straight forward.

Level 3 and OD are Fatal Counters. Useful as a combo filler to add up damage in combos with strong starters and in Overdrive combos. It's also one of Makoto's only full screen options. Makoto's meterless reversal. It has very short range and relatively little invulnerability. It can also be low profiled, making it one of the riskiest reversals in the game. However, it can be very useful - especially when used in combination with Instant Blocking. Be careful of moves with disted hitboxes, however, as these can hit you from a distance outside of Corona Upper's range.

Makoto's air version of Corona Blazblue makoto. Although it has invul, this move is mainly used as her Air combo ender or during Overdrive combos. Follow up after Corona Upper. Only available if Corona Upper hits. Makoto punches the opponent sending them to the ground.

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