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This article contains sexually explicit content and language. The vast majority of the links are NSFW.

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Quality free porn is tough to find. With dedicated blogs for GIF pornlesbian pornand even audio pornthe site was practically built for kink. Unfortunately, all is not fair in love and porn. Until then, please enjoy our Tumblr porn lists at your leisure, and beware that some sites may have already been flagged or removed. Featuring pastel colors and pink rope, Kawaii BDSM focuses on mostly submissive women caught in all sorts of kinky and domineering positions.

Everything from women in hidden bondage to littles grinding against their teddies appears here, with plenty of room for lingerierope bindingand leashes. Kawaii BDSM also shares a wide range of anime-inspired kink art, from hentai scenes to excerpts from adult manga. Porn focuses on men and women gaining control over women, as bsdm tumblr to degrading scenes of domination. One post features Mercy from Bsdm tumblr serving as a submissive for fellow player character Pharah.

Another photo features a submissive in full rope bondage attire stripping on the Brooklyn Bridge. Sometimes the hottest part of BDSM is submission. Sweetly Submissive focuses on women being used by dominant men. And there are plenty of GIFs and images centered around daddy dom and little play, including women wearing pacifiers and showing off frilly panties for their doms during sex.

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GIFs and photos feature captions, too, creating a little narrative with your visual stimulation. From ropeplay to bodies being held in place by bondage gear, there are dozens of photos of women restrained for their dominants on this Tumblr. One photo has a tattooed sub bound from chest to anklesher wrists brought together in front of her. And high-quality photography is plentiful, perfect for pornography fans looking for something a little more artistic in their erotic collections. Check it out for some softer, photographic takes on BDSM and kink.

Run by a boyfriend-girlfriend team, this Tumblr blog features gifs of both dominant women and men seducing their submissives. Another post features a domme on top of her sub while he wears a cock cage. This is a defunctbut bsdm tumblr BDSM Tumblr fans looking for a dominant man taking the lead, Kneel and Submit is worth checking out.

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Kneel and Submit focuses mostly on GIFs and photos, many of which are professionally shot or from pornographic films. Most posts also have short comments that add further context onto. Punishment, bondage, and rough sex: All three tend to go hand-in-hand.

And at the School of Bsdm tumblrthis Tumblr focuses entirely on punishing submissive girls. GIFs and photos are plentiful on this Tumblrwith porn focusing largely on rough sex between men and women. The School of Bondage features a strong balance between softcore and hardcore BDSM porn, making it a perfect choice for anyone interested in exploring the more intense side of kink without wading in too deep.

Drool-worthy photos of hotties in various stages of undress abound, as do GIFs meant to tease and titillate. The main course, of course, is oral: There are lo of images that depict partners getting down, sometimes with the help of a friend or two. The more the merrier, right?

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Addicted to Fucking and Sex is a one-stop digital porn shop, boasting an impressive archive and a button for longer videos. The art of Japanese shibari bondage is at the same time impressive, creative, and a good point of entry for anyone into rope play looking to step up their bsdm tumblr game. This feed is mostly hetero, black and white GIFs, but with a wide range of content from rough sex, collars, and rope play to sweet and simple kissing GIFs.

Still not sure where to find exactly what you want? Plus, everything you need to know about watching porn safely in your browser.

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