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The Story of Sex, a witty that embraces everything from the earliest humans to the age of cybersex, has already been a hit in France. It was published in France in April and sold more than 20, copies in its first month on sale.

We had no idea of the importance of the volume which we were in the middle of writing … [But] it was reprinted before its release … and reprinted a month later. Brenot believes the reason the graphic novel has sold so well in France is because there is no equivalent work.

Moving through the centuries, from before civilisation to the present day, the book covers everything from creation myths to sex robots. At the very most, some information about contraception and STDs.

But nothing that helps to understand the nature of intimate relationships, or the difficulties of developing these, or the vital link between respect and equality between partners, or questions about sexual orientation … And in this educational void, the internet and porn offer themselves as models.

Brenot hopes, he added, to write a follow-up, considering the history of sexuality in other civilisations such as ancient China.

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Cartoon have sex

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