Convince the dark elves

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After entering EbonheartNilthis approaches you and speaks to you about Drathus Othral of House Dreswho fears for the town's safety with the nearby Covenant forces. Drathus worries that they will not be able to withstand an assault, especially divided as the people are: The Nords, Argonians, and Dark Elves all refuse to cooperate with each other, leading to high tensions and discontent.

Nilthis asks that you convince them all that they need to unite.

Disciple Sildras and Zasha-Jatwo of the questgivers, both find that Rhavil Urano has been sowing discord. With this information in hand, seek out Drathus. He will be pleased with your progress, but wants you to find out more about what Rhavil is up to.

He casts a spell on you that will allow him to observe what you observe and communicate with you, then sends you on your way towards Rhavil's house. You catch Rhavil just exiting his house, at which point Drathus directs you to follow him at a distance. He speaks with a nearby vendor first, then scolds him for his indiscretion in that moment. On the lower side of town, he speaks with an Argonian before heading to a shack. Drathus tells you to wait for him to leave, which happens very quickly, then tells you to enter.

The shack contains a magical book which, when examined, summons a ghostly figure, presumably a projection of someone. She reveals that Rhavil has been working with the Covenant for a while now. She summons two scamps to attack you as she disappears.

Drathus sends you once more to Rhavil's house, promising to send some of his guards along. You must break into the house, unlocking the front door's simple lock, and then confront Rhavil, who will attack on sight. Convince the dark elves to:search. This is currently being rewritten as part of the Online Quest Project. The is being both written and checked. All users are welcome to make changes to the. If you make a change that is relevant to the project, please update this template accordingly, and make sure you have observed the project guidelines.

A strong Covenant raiding force landed west of Ebonheart. The citizens are too busy with their own internal squabbles to unite against invaders. Drathus Othral fears the town may fall to Alexandra Conele's forces.

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Help the governing house of Ebonheart unite the disparate citizens. Unite the people of Ebonheart. Each of the races in the Pact—Nords, Dark Elves, and Argonians—have a reason to avoid working with the others. I must seek out a representative of each one, so I can figure out how to unite the factions. I persuaded the races in Ebonheart to work together and defend the town. It seems each had some contact with a manipulative Dark Elf named Rhavil Urano. Drathus Othral will certainly want to hear about his activities.

Objective : Talk to Drathus Othral. Drathus Othral asked me to investigate Rhavil Urano. He has a house in town.

He'd like me to wait outside and follow Rhavil when he leaves. Drathus cast a spell that will allow him to see what I see and communicate instructions to me. Objective : Go to Rhavil's House. Rhavil has left his house. I should follow him, but I must be careful not to get too close. Objective : Follow Rhavil Urano from a Distance. Rhavil entered a shack by the docks. Drathus asked me to wait until he leaves so we can investigate. Objective : Wait for Rhavil to Leave. Rhavil has left. Drathus asked me to enter the shack and investigate. Objective : Investigate the Shack.

There's not much in the shack. Most likely whatever Rhavil was doing, the evidence is on his desk. Drathus wants me to return to Rhavil Urano's house look for more evidence. His house is in the southwest quarter of the city, near the Tribunal Temple.

He probably won't come quietly. Objective : Defeat Rhavil Urano. Finishes quest. Rhavil Urano, the architect of the racial strife in Ebonheart, has been killed. Drathus Othral will want to know his town is now free of Covenant agents.

Convince the dark elves

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