Craziest sex stories

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Some sex stories are so outlandish and unbelievable, even our closest friends and family wouldn't buy them! Below are 30 of the stories that most think are too good to be true. Check them out! My mom is the liberal hippie type but when I told her I was into cosplay, she immediately shouted,"Don't even joke about that! What that man did was awful!

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Then craziest sex stories dawned on me. Mom thought Cosplay meant drugging women like Cosby. Nope, the only Mickeys involved in my cosplay are mouse ears. I am a woman. When I was a teenager I was good "friends" with the preacher's daughter at the church my family attended. We were tasked with cleaning the church on Saturday's, vaccuuming and polishing the pews and whatnot. We used this time to take shots of liquor from the communion glasses and then have lesbian sex. That my buddy and I had a four way with two chicks we'd just met.

One left crying after we both had trouble keeping it up with her. The next morning we walked into the living room, where she was reading a story to her daughter, who'd been in the next room without our knowledge the entire night. We gave a polite goodbye and left. Wasn't sexual for me at all and nothing sexual occurred but I think this falls into the fetish category nevertheless. In my 20s, a friend was a paid "Adult Babysitter" for a man with Adult Baby fetish. She asked me to take over a shift when she was out of town.

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Prepped me on what to expect. So I went to his apartment, helped him dress into an adult onesie, put in a Winnie the Pooh tape on VHS while he sat on a blankie on the floor watching. Put a tray on his lap, a bib on him, and fed him pudding with a baby spoon. Played patty-cake. Helped him play with blocks. Put him in a diaper and another onesie, turned on the wind-up mobile over his bed, pulled up hospital rails on either side to simulate a crib, and read him a bed-time story.

Talked baby talk the entire time. I was there 2 hours, total. He reported back to his regular babysitter that I was "perfect" and could fill in anytime, but the opportunity didn't arise. He was VP of our local bank. I once hooked up with a woman in the bathroom stall of a nightclub on NYE. She was the first person I hooked up with after my ex of 4. We got caught and escorted outside. So, because I'm a lady I make sure she gets in a cab first. I go, "I don't really want your. To which she responds: "That's fine, I have a boyfriend.

I was really craziest sex stories after a messy break up so I decided to order an escort from Back, but when she got to my house she looked really dirty.

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I mean in the sense she had been sleeping outside and pretty much living off the streets. I decided to run her a bath and ended up washing her. She started trying to give me a handjob but I just couldn't get over how messed up she looked.

I could tell she was on some type of drug which she later admitted she was a heroin junkie. After the bath I ended up giving her a massage and she fell asleep for about 7 hours. I made her dinner and we talked about her getting her life back together. I dropped her off outside of a local treatment facility and never saw her again. I hope she got help. When I was 15, I would sneak out of my house at one in the morning every weekend, and meet this girl in the park, and we'd usually be up out there hooking up until like three or four. Gotten a rimjob.

It's a running joke in my friend group, mostly as a shock joke. I'd always been curious, and it wasn't until I was seeing this girl somewhat regularly that I thought it might be fun to try. We were really drunk and she was blowing me, then I asked her to lick my butt. She attacked my balloon knot, and I found out that it feels awesome. I've never experienced such bliss as having my dick yanked and butt tongued at the same time.

As for her? She always hated giving blowjobs because they hurt her mouth. But she loves giving rimjobs! I had sex with another guy just to see if I was fully straight. Yep, turns out it is definitely not for me. I craziest sex stories a short term relationship with twin sisters who strictly only wanted to sleep with me at the same time.

Best 3 months of my sex life no topping it so far. Had a threesome with 2 other girls at a slumber party. It was fun, but I found out that craziest sex stories that I was completely straight. I held 2 roman candle fire works in each hand and shot them off while banging this chick doggy style on the hood of my car that was parked on my driveway.

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Probably the best tinder match ever. Dated my teacher's daughter. Her dad didn't know we were dating, so whenever I'd get frustrated with him in class, I'd go to his house after school and have sex with his daughter. My ex was tiny and we liked to have nice slow sex while cuddling on the couch. We always used a blanket to cover is in case her mom came down since there was no door. Needless to say we had an entire conversation with her mom while I was inside her.

And her mom still thought she was a virgin the entire time we were dating. I lost my virginity while there was another couple having sex about 3 feet to my right. And this was about 3 nights ago. In college I had a threesome with a professor and her ex undergrad roommate.

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The roommate was still nursing her baby and I ended up drunkenly drinking a lot of breast milk. Woke up in a puddle. Hmmm, the most relevant answer I have is: Hooked up with my dealer in the bathroom of an Italian restaurant she was bringing me my weekly supplywhile my family was eating a few feet away. Made it back in time for chocolate mousse. Took LSD and screwed my ex in a lifeguard tower.

Lightning storm in the distance, pretty damn grand. It's all been downhill from there. Hooked up with one of my gay friends several times over the course of a year I'm a straight guy. Never had straight up sex but oral, handjobs, makeouts I was super insecure and desperate for attention. Hate to say it but those were still the most amazing blowjobs ever. However there was a period of time when fate shined on me and I had three regular girls that just wanted it.

New girl shows up Saturday night. On Sunday's I'd go "hiking" with girl 3. Balanced that operation for three straight weekends. Tried to get all three in one day but was only ever able to get two. Also had week nights sprinkled in to carry me over. Was in hospital for 3 weeks with pneumonia.

Was around the time of the bird flu saga so everyone who came to see me had to wear masks, hospital robes, gloves; the whole nine yards, to prevent spreading it. My girlfriend came to visit and I ended up shagging her in my ensuite bathroom with my craziest sex stories in my arm and her in the full surgeons costume.

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Brother and mum walk into my room half way through with the nurse and can't find where I am so I quickly finish then start coughing up blood to make it look like I was in the bathroom and my ex was helping me. They still don't know to this day what was really going on. Being able to cough up blood on demand was a handy get out of jail free card. I hooked up with a guy I met off tinder on the first date and pegged him because he was super into it.

We met for sex a few times after that. I'm pretty sure my family thinks I've never had sex or even date. Had sex with a lady in her late 40's who was once an extra in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman while my girlfriend sat on her face. I slept with three girls in one day, and two of them were sisters. The first sister was also a threesome with me and an ex of mine.

Had sex with two of the girls. Best night of my sexual life. She had somehow witnessed a blowjob taking place, and was told that is how mummies and daddies make babies. We figured we were old enough to have of our own Obviously, it wasn't craziest sex stories very, errr, successful blowjob. Jerked off next to a duck in a park at 4 AM using a fake vagina I created using plastic craziest sex stories, towels and rubber bands. Had sex with a guy I met online within an hour of meeting him in person. I'm very quiet and everyone thinks I'm an uptight prude.

By Bobby Popovic. January 19, So yeah, my family will never hear that story. Don't even know her name. Kept it up for about eight months. Still don't know if my parents ever caught on.

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Got to first base with a girl I got a blowjob before my first kiss. I'm a pretty quiet guy who everybody is convinced has no game.

Craziest sex stories

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11 Women Reveal Crazy Sex Stories That Will Make You Cringe