Cyoa sex stories

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November is fast approaching which means NaNoWriMo season will soon be upon us. Our challenge here will be a different one but in the same spirit of encouraging writing and This is the landing that will take you to the several stories re-archiving here. I am also using this section for new stories with the same themes as my other stories. That way I don't have twenty different stories all over the place that cover the same stuff.

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You can get it here. If you want to add on, or take a story a different way-- please, please d Welcome to Choose Your Own Smut. This story is going to be modeled like a choose your own adventure book, but instead of adventure, you'll find smut. Lots of smut. What's next? Welcome Reader! You are at the beginning of a sexual adventure where you get to choose the direction of the story. That's right, you control the actions of the story. Start on one below and begin reading until presented with your first set of options. Continue reading by clicking on the links to the indicated s based on your choices.

Warning: Do In this fantasy story you'll meet all sorts of characters that you'll be able to customize so as the story progresses go to Customization and change the names of the characters to whatever you want but also you'll co How will he obtain cyoa sex stories sex slave? The next question is who will it be?

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Well to answer the first question Michael has been given a unique opportunity in the form of his Mother and Step-Father l No need to be alarmed. Welcome Adventurer! What lies before is a classic dungeon cyoa sex stories using a very simplified rules system.

This one will be short as I just want to find out how much effort this sort of thing takes. If it works out well I may do a Level 2. You will need a six sided die otherwise called a d6 or access to d6 roller such as this one. You may also want a pencil in You're going to quit smoking and I'm going to make you Mmmmm where to start Well, I think we start off the whole agreement with a real good dirty fucking Then, they say that it takes 7 weeks to change the habit, so I think a daily blow job is in order, to get you through the first week.

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At the end of the first week, you deserve a bigger rewa Hello fine ladies and gentleman of Chyoa. Are you up for a challenge? The NaNoWriMo season is fast approaching and I thought it might be fun for the Chyoa writing community to do our own version of the challenge. SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me.

SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Choose Your Own Adventure Stories. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off.

Cyoa sex stories

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