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I was going as his date since none of his college buddies knew me. I was somewhat shocked at how this dress made me look and when I saw my sons cock swelling in his pants I knew how he thought it made me look. Of course, I knew that he would want to go all the way with me after the party and when that time comes I will see how that works out for the both of us.

Things had been really awkward at home the past few months. But you know I love you; I want to have sex with you because you turn me on. I had to find a way to help!

I thought for days, trying to figure out anything I could. I tried slipping mom food and other things to eat that I read would increase her libido, but nothing worked. I had to find a way instead to make my father happy, help with his problem. Where could I find someone he could fuck, who he also loved? I thought and thought, and soon it hit me. Could he sleep with me? No, I brushed the thought away. I loved him as well, but having sex? I had to confess there were times I had looked at him and got turned on, he was well built and had always been loving and caring.

I had seen his penis by accident, and it was far larger than any that I had ever seen. What was wrong with me? Was I really trying to convince myself to actually consider it? The more I thought about it, the more it was okay with it. I even spent every following night thinking about what I could do too him, masturbating myself to sleep to the thought.

There was no other way to help him. I had to do it! One evening when the whole family was preparing for bed I waited until my parents had been in their room for a while. While spying on them I had noticed that mom always fell asleep first, dad seemingly too frustrated to fall asleep.

When mom seemed to have fallen asleep, I knocked on the door. He got in under the cover and lied down beside me. I wanted to move over and hold him, but it felt like my heart was jumping out of my chest and I was afraid he would notice. Instead I lied there, completely still, for quite a while until I heard him snore. Maybe this was a bad idea? He was a heavy sleeper, so I knew I could easily move around in bed without him waking up, so I took off all my clothes and got closer. I lied right beside him and put my arm around his muscular chest.

I felt his muscles with my hand, and I got even more turned on, horny enough to get more confidence. I grabbed his underwear with both hand and gently pulled them down, revealing his dick. It was even larger than I remembered, even flaccid it was easily as long as my hand. With easy I got his trunks off dad fuck daughter tumblr threw them on the ground beside the bed. I looked up, noticing he had already started to get hard.

Now was my chance!

I grabbed it carefully and started jerking it up and down. It grew even harder and longer, well over ten inches, and my fingers barely reached around it. I looked at him and he opened his eyes. Quickly, I held up a finger to his mouth. Let me help you out. Do you love me, daddy? I felt the sweet taste of his pre-cum on my tongue, making me even hornier, and I put my lips all around it. He moaned and I felt it throb in my mouth, making me moan as well. I started to make my way down his shaft, but the massive size made it hard not to gag on it. I kept my mouth completely still, letting my tongue play around at each step as I got used to taking it deeper down my throat.

There was no way I could go further without changing position, so I turned around and lied down onto him, positioning my crotch right up his face. With added motivation I pushed down even further, feeling it in my throat, but moved up again to gasp for air. Your little baby girl is getting pleasured properly! I felt my juices gush in his face as I pushed his cock the final stretch down my throat as I felt my lips against his balls.

His hand patted my head gently as he licked it all up. Besides, I needed more! I jumped up and straddled him, rubbing my soaking wet pussy again the head of his cock. I felt him grab it, steer it into place before pushing it inside me. His hands moved over and grabbed my ass, holding me with a firm grip as he pushed dad fuck daughter tumblr into me.

Push your huge cock against my uterus and fill me with your seed! Soon I felt his warm cum shoot inside me as he pushed his dick hard against my cervix, filling my uterus with his seed.

My entire body trembled in ecstasy and I almost screamed in pleasure. I felt the pulsing of his cock inside of me, his cum still pouring out into me, for quite a while after I had relaxed and lied down on top of him to rest. Exhausted, I felt like I would fall asleep in just a moment. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Cute college bum. I dared my drunk daughter and her bff to do this and they did it.

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Dad fuck daughter tumblr

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