Do you have akira points

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New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Deleted member Start date Feb 28, 2dcg censored creampie dating sim internal view japanese game male protagonist oral sex romance titfuck vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews Deleted member Active Member. Jun 26, 11, Overview: My childhood friend suddenly came to stay at my room. Wait, are you a woman!?

I'm at least humane enough to let you stay here for a while if you have nowhere to sleep. OK, so what type of bonus will I get when I earn the point enough? Spoiler: More You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Last edited by a moderator: Jul 16, Reactions: animetUgo FrizziVerbindlichkeiten and others. Jun 2, 6, 48, Moved and added some tags. Reactions: mulashkata69gaggagPettyKnight and 4 others.

Dec 14, 1, 9, We at boiz, y'all motherfuckers are stuck with me for good now. Interesting looking game, by the way. Reactions: FerKingDeleted memberPorokichin and 6 others. Dec 27, Alrighty then. Reactions: anonykunguysualklolipowerx3 and 19 others.

May 30, 2, Reactions: dixieRain01GottVerdamntt and others. Oct 10, Thx i love Rpg Maker MV. Reactions: nyaguratorDeleted member and 2 others. Qwertynus Newbie. Feb 19, 24 Also the game's twist is that Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Reactions: anonykunkhaneonLoveboy and 10 others.

Doodadad Newbie. Oct 10, 80 Qwertynus said:. Why did i opened it? I know perfectly on wich site i am but it just killed all romantic vibes. Reactions: DaverewAioriaSeanModo and 29 others. BigLoada Active Member. Mar 15, Love story with childhood Tomboy friend?

Genji Well-Known Member.

Dec 1, 2, 2, Daxter Well-Known Member. Sep 17, 3, 6, It was a joke, I have no idea what's in the game. I even edited in the bit with her being a pokemon to try and make it clear it was a joke.

I apparently didn't take into the amount of weird shit on this site and what it's doing to people's minds. My apologies :S:S:S Maybe next time I'll say the MC had his heart replaced with like a thunderstone when he was after a freak car accident, then when they have sex for the 69th time they evolve together into a new pokemon called Akirachu. And they live happily ever after. The End. Reactions: DaverewkelsadeSole and 1 other person.

Tastelesswhiskey Active Member. Sep 24, I am surprised You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: 69FapChampion69 and kelsade. Jul 16, 40 My apologies :S:S:S. Jul 22, 2, Played it for some time now reached around of those "akira points" and dammmmmn this game is wholesome The mechanic is super straight forward, u kinda have the same routine every day but Akira is cute af. After playing corruption, Game over Rape, trainer and whatever games for quite a while this game is refreshing.

Its vanilla, but in a good way. Highly recommend it no matter what games you usually play. Reactions: Elorias69FapChampion69Elmater and 15 others. Feb 9, Reactions: gilgun69FapChampion69Hotramencup and 2 others. Mar 22, 43 This one was really good!

Loved the expressions, the wholesomeness! Reactions: DeadCrab. Crescens Member. Aug 19, This game is amazing. Really enjoyed playing through it and the mini games were pretty fun Reactions: Elmater and dlex0. Jun 12, 1 3. Do you know Daaa waeeee???? Thx for a nice game. Reactions: 69FapChampion69AlexDark and dlex0. Zkid95 Newbie. Aug 6, 23 Wait she doesn't have massive boobs and doesn't have sex with you right away? Well shittttt. Reactions: gilgun. Show hidden low quality content.

Do you have akira points

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'Do you have AKIRA Points?' Official Translation Released on DLsite