Dragon age origins best rogue build

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However, most players will either choose to go with humans or dwarves. This is primarily due to bonuses offered for these class builds.

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When it comes to the rogue class, there are only two main rogue builds that will guarantee you the most DPS. The first build being the dual weapon, and the other one being the archer. An important thing to note for both rogue builds is that you may focus on the right attributes, for instance, strength. Also, dexterity and cunning are essential attributes. Cunning is very useful for the rogue archer, so you should get to at least 20 stats then split the rest between dex and cun till you max them out.

As far as specializations go, choosing an assassin for a dual-wielding rogue will give you the most DPS. Rogue archers benefit more from the hunting specialization as well as bard skills. Also, when choosing your armor, you must take note of the attribute requirements.

Getting your hands on the drakeskin armor is relatively easy. You must pay him for his service. First, you will have to give three drake scales.

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These gloves may also appear in the dark alley while the player is completing the justice quest. Most players will get this coat once you get past level Most players get it at level Just make sure you get it during the second visit to his Emporium when asking him to improve your drakeskin armor. This coat is lightweight and is made from tier 7 drakeskin.

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The armor is 9. This armor will clear your doubts about having bards as companions to complete your rogue build character. The dual-wielding rogue will have to go through three tiers to get this dagger. The first tier being tier 2. For this one, you have to buy it from Barlin, a merchant at the Lothering. Once you get to tier 3, you can steal this dagger from Lord Anwer when he goes to the Aeducan Thaig. The third tier is tier 6. Fortunately, there are many road markers found here, so finding the exits is simple. Note that you can only sell the tier 2 version.

Also, it has better bonuses compared to the other tier daggers.

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NexGenGame is all about helping you when you're stuck in video games. We to to deliever the best experiences in your video games times. Weapons Daggers are essential weapons, especially for the dual-wielding rogue build.

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Thorn of the Dead Gods The dual-wielding rogue will have to go through three tiers to get this dagger. You will, therefore, need high cunning and lethality points. Related Posts. Dragon Age Origins.

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Dragon age origins best rogue build

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Best Rogue Build Dragon Age Origins