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Only half-understanding what his mother meant, Yukito has been traveling across Japan, vainly searching for this myth-like girl his mother told him about. His latest destination is a small, sleepy town where summer has just arrived; and his encounter with a young girl named Misuzu there sets the eroge downloads of destiny turning…. Starless Koenchu! If I could pay then I would spend money on buying it so devs can if they can earn money from it not on services where I need to pay so I can download things.

Thank you very much for this beautiful eroge downloads novel. I hoped it will show up on Steam sales together with Clannad but it will probably not gonna happen because hentai scenes. It works great.

Fonts work great and same goes for full Windows mode. How come whenever i click on the link for the free download it goes to some site trying to make me pay?! Girls play eroge too. Really the only difference from a romance novel is that it is visual in nature. Same as other kinds of media. Shame that most are clearly written and illustrated for a male audience though.

XD and can i ask for a VN list that can be played in Win 8? Anyone know whether this has ANY happy endings at all? Granted, it does stick with you…but not necessarily in a good way. If partly: What exactly is translated? So whenever I load it up, I get through the opening bit i. Anyone know a solution? Hi admin, why did you the Gao Gao beta patch? Oh and, Imopara is already done, are you going to post it soon? A decade? I watched the anime twice, i am sure the VN will have a lot more contents. Time constraints. For comparison, Clannad had 48 episodes and they still had to make OAVs for major side-routes and totally skip few minor ones.

Yea, does someone knows if there are good endings? Not sure if this even exists in the anime. This is the one eroge downloads the sad ending you mentioned. Misuzu and Yukito are reincarnated as the little boy and girl, and this reincarnation is actually what frees Misuzu from her curse. I had almost lost any hope to see this game fully translated one day.

The anime was nice, but you could see that a LOT was left out with only 12 episodes. Finally… After waiting several days, or a couple of weeks, maybe, this VN finally ed. Thanks admin.

Well, the description is similar with the anime version. I p this will have many sad scenes, so maybe we should prepare a box of tissue before playing this VN. I have always hated that Misuzu died in it, and Yukito reincarnated just to try again, to pretty much fail only really being able to just make her at peace…I would play this game 10x over if it let me save her life this time, and have a Truly happy ending, if anyone can tell me if I can please say that there is a chance, because I love Kanon, and Clannad, I just want to save her!

This game is very old now but very famous for being the start of many things at Key. I guess I eroge downloads wrong. Just a he up here: The linked beta 2. This game is unique in the way that it has two separate translator groups making patches. What good things? The anime was ok, then started to suck near the end. Is the gameplay different to the anime? I watched the anime series and then the anime movie…both made me really hard as the ending was awful.

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Eroge downloads

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