Erotic hypnosis slave

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You know this fantasy of being seriously and helplessly enslaved? This recording is my take on exactly that fantasy. Not nice and gentle, but methodical and ruthless. I have other recordings for that. This is purely about being controlled, being manipulated, and being changed. You probably should not listen to this recording. This will change you. So think twice before you listen. And listen at your own risk. You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. The leash induction on this was absolutely wonderful! The body also amazing and so simply true at least for me.

Thank you Sir for a fantastic file! This file resonates with this slave totally. Thank You Sir for removing my inability to see my true nature and for the sense of erotic hypnosis slave that has resulted. I admit the destination of this journey frightens me, but I keep on listening because I must. It feels like fate, destiny. Link by link, the chain tightens.

I am your slave. Please help make this journey complete and permanent. Please let me know you are still out there and how I can be the best and most complete slave for you. That is my only desire. I was born to be a slave. To obey and be totally focused on being the best slave for the perfect master. I am your slave Master.

It seems to be less that it made me think I was born a slave then it made me realize a truth I have been hiding from myself.

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I thank you for showing me that truth. In the end I was smiling so much my mouth hurt but it was a welcome feeling.

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I was never ment to be a leader and now I know for sure what I am. Thank you. Thank you Sir for taking away my ability to hide from my authentic self. I find myself coming back more often to this particular file, which indicates that it really works like wonder. My conscious mind completely disappears while listening to the now. Somewhere in the middle is shutdown and I wake at the very end when you are counting up.

Is that normal?

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This is a very evil and manipulative recording. Listen to this Hypnosis for free now! Become my Patreon! Thank You Reply. Thank you Reply. Thank You, Master, for Your recording! I am indeed Your slave. How may I serve You? Cant wait for further instructions. I just keep wanting to wear a collar and be a slave. To be owned. Thank you! Thank you Sir I want to become a slut slave you can me Reply.

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Erotic hypnosis slave

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