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Tell me its normal for little girls to explore and youre just helping me, that if i tried it with anyone else they might hurt me. Tell me terrible lies about how I should be fucking you. Use your strength against me. Make me cry. But you still love me. Hurt me. Push my face into the bed with your foot and fuck me until I cry. Tie me up for hours taped to a vibrator just so you can watch me squirm and squeal and turn into a cummy, dribbling mess.

After every time you violate me, kiss me and tell me what a brave little girl i am and how much you love me for sharing such a special secret with my daddy. Molest me, Please. Kaylie was sitting in the car waiting impatiently.

It was already dark, she was hungry and of the lollipop in her mouth was not much left. She loved sucking on them so even got more father fucks daughter tumblr now. Kylie ed, she really wanted that new set so better obey her mothers commands. They arrived at a sex shop. Multiple people just entered while some were. At the countering getting their present wrapped. It was a small dimly lit room.

On the walls there was some vulgar langue written down. Right after a cock got put through the hole. Enough with the questions, now go ahead put your soft lips on It and start sucking. She obediently agreed, the cock twitched when It felt the inside of her warm mouth. Lips going up and down while her tongue circled around the tip. After a quick knock on father fucks daughter tumblr wall he filled her mouth full with shots of hot slimy thick sperm. The sour nasty taste went away quickly as her tummy took It all in hungrily. Rich protein filled with lots of seed started to get digested.

Having had a first shot of her meal she already wanted more. This time she started sucking even more eagerly since her stomach began to growl again. Swallowing It swiftly to feed her hunger. Some time and over a dozen shots later she received the last thick potent load of semen. She licked her lips clean while the cream was sliding down her throat.

Her belly was almost filled to the brim with that last addition. Kylie went to bed happily thinking about her Christmas present by the tree for tomorrow while she could still feel the sperm from all those strangers she swallowed. While mom, dad, and my two brothers ate dinner mommy and daddy made me hump the corners of the dinning room table. Rotating corners. They said since I wanted to masturbate in the living room instead of my own bedroom, that I obviously wanted to get caught, and wanted people to watch me.

But when they were both excused from the tablei saw the bulge in their pants, and knew they were both going to their rooms to handle themselves. Once they were clearly gone, daddy waved his hand across the table and cleared a spot where he had told me to sit. My heart raced as mommy pulled my bra down and took her tongue to my tiny pink nipples one by one.

This was so wrong, my parents were freaks, somehow I knew talking back would get me in even more trouble, so I stayed quiet. Seconds later daddy was inside me, fucking me. Forcing his cock deep inside me, he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto him. I fought back, trying to push him off me. Before I knew it my mother was behind me and pulled me back by my hair from across the table, pinning my shoulders and arms down. After daddy finished inside me and told me what a whore I was for letting him take my cunt and fill it with his cum, they made me clear the table and wash the dishes.

Daddy taunted me the whole time, asking if I liked his cum dripping out of my whore pussy while I was forced to clean the table and dishes with my tits out. I watched my mother rub her pussy as daddy came up behind me once dishes were done. He teased as he grabbed my hair and bent me over the counter, lifting my skirt, smacking my ass. Whore, he kept repeating with each blow. Daddy began fucking me in front of them and I begged for him to stop. That night I laid in bed, sobbing quietly to myself while I had three lo of cum from each male in my family inside me, dripping out of my abused hole all night long.

He looked out into the sea of teen girls and even he was shocked at how well this was going. He had never had this big of a crowd before and it went to his head, making him feel larger than life. Anyone would have.

He pushed away his doubts and silenced the little voice of conscience in the back of his head that was telling him that this was wrong. He already knew it was wrong.

He thought he had made his peace with that a long time ago. As the guilt bubbled up for the first time in what felt like forever he remembered that he was still speaking.

The girls were jumping up and down, their arms in the air as he stood on the stage, beckoning them with his tempting message. They wanted to be saved. They wanted the promise of eternal life and he knew he would give them whatever they wanted in exchange for their pussies, asses, and mouths.

Though he was a pastor and supposed to be thinking of the well-being of his congregation, he had been thinking with his dick and not his brain. That was how he had ended up here. Nothing had changed. His cock was aching. Every hand shot up and the girls began to scream and beg for him to choose them. He panned over the crowd with his eyes and settled on a girl with light brown hair and the face of an angel. He knew her well. She had been one of the first students to enroll in his school. He wanted to find out and so he pointed at her and she shrieked with joy.

He chose ME! He would fuck her and all of her friends eventually. He knew this. Tonight was just the beginning. He could have fucked her whenever he wanted but there were always so many pussies to fuck and only so much of the Holy Semen. Sometimes he had to pick and choose carefully.

He was going to fuck Shania in front of the entire crowd.

He smiled warmly at her so she could trust him. He was their pastor. He was there to help them.

Father fucks daughter tumblr

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