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Our database of African and international creatives and companies making waves in the de world. On the heels of the success of 50 Shades of Grey, the subculture of BDSM has seen a considerable boost in mainstream popularity.

Despite this, the novel and its subsequent film adaptations have also reinforced a limited view as to how the fetish community operates. Titled The Fetlifethe photographic project captures each subject inside of their New York City home. Changing prevalent attitudes surrounding the subject is something that he believes can only come through honest representations of the community as our neighbours, co-workers and friends.

I felt somewhat a sense of a responsibility as a journalist to do that, though it was sort of secondary to the primary goal of wanting to learn about this for myself. Welcome to The FetLife.

The photo project by Danny Ghitis captures what a fetish community really looks like. De that envisions a better future. up to our newsletter. up to De Indaba Weekly for the latest de news and inspiration. Address. De Indaba select one or both Weekly editorial newsletter Festival and event updates.

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