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Four Elements Trainer is a massive undertaking set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and will be four complete games all united into one. Two new scenes with Jinora plus one older repurposed scene just so you can see it again. Two new scenes with Opal. And Suyin gets two scenes, but one will be optional and can be missed. This is a build where a member of our little team is carefully trying to pick up where we left and this build will reflect that. You awesome all-dancing all-singing finders of faults… we managed to get a lot fixed in the short, short time we had because of you.

Of course we also incorporated some other feedback you gave us.

A pic of it is in the header. Should you download this build again just for that? Speaking of caps. I managed to shrink the file a fair deal so that should help. Doing so would make her not want to talk anymore for that day in version 0. Not a problem the first time, but it can cause BIG problems later on if you repeat the conversation again and is able to lock you out of progressing. The main differences between this version and 0. Should be fixed in this version.

Oh no!

Face-to-face with Amon! Will this be the end?!?!?!!?!?! Get rewarded! Friendship is magic! Southpole adventures continue! A surprise for you, and a birthday party! Probably not! Be a terrible pseudo-daddy! A couple times! Help Shady make a sexy city-wide Movers with lasers!

Take Korra on a walk! Did you get Korra pregnant? Why did you do that? Finish the slave route! You can return to the south pole. Or not. A shocking revelation.

Or not Provide Korra with mental support. Look at the airships! In general the differences between 0. We added some more hints about what to do next along the way. For example, finding Kyoshi in this last build had a lot of people stumped, so we added something which will make meeting her a lot more natural. We wanted to have this finished way earlier and could have finished it way earlier… but we got some good feedback from the bug hunters about things besides bugs.

That made us want to add and change a couple of things to make it a better build. The changes we thought of seemed very doable within the set time frame. But, we got too greedy and found some more bugs along the way which also took up time to find and fix. So instead of waiting until we finish all of that, we decided to release the version minus the more ambitious changes right now. Wait… did pokemon actually have a reward for catching them all?? Give Pema what she is craving. Slappity slap slap….

Asami discovers a new side to her! Lin buttjob. New location City streets and Aang statue island. Zhu li mover quest. Ginger doggystyle. More Korra meditation bullying. Asami blackmail and four elements trainer cg little bit of Korra lesbo shit here as well. Korra titjob. Pema blowjob and another tease depending on how your chat goes with Jinora. Korra dress up only swimsuit and nude so far though.

Some lore stuff. How to activate and open the console: either u modify ur 00console. To open the cheat menu: You must click the "Cheats" button on the quick menu. The quick menu only appears when there is dialogue on the screen. To open the walkthrough menu: Click the button at the top of the screen four elements trainer cg viewing the village or city map.

If you aren't on the map screen, you can also click the "Walkthrough" button next to the cheat button on the quick menu. You can see the requirements for all scenes and quests, track your progress to see how close you are to unlocking specific scenes, and see whether you've already watched a scene or not so you can know if you've watched them all.

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Four elements trainer cg

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