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Tags: breeding, domination submission, virgin sex, losing virginity, virgin deflowering, older man younger woman sex, breeding sex, breeding erotica, impregnation sex, virgin impregnation. Disclaimer: The following ebook is a work of fiction. Any resemblance characters in this story may have to real people is only coincidental.

All individuals depicted in this work are adults over the age of eighteen years free breeding erotica. None of the characters in this story are blood related. This ebook is d for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. Kaylee's first summer after High School is boring her to tears.

The only bright spot is seeing more of best friend Holly's handsome father, a big and intimidating man whose presence invites her deepest temptations Successful, strong, and gorgeous, Mr. Langern's held his lust for far too long. One night, little Kaylee finds him free breeding erotica during Holly's summer party. He takes the young woman's hand and begins to dance, amazed as her touch ignites very old, carnal, and primal desires. Now, Mr. Langern won't let the shy virgin's first dance be her last. And he certainly won't let her go until she's been hauled to bed, ravaged, and relentlessly filled with his potent seed Warning: This story features hard breeding sex, virgin seduction, and explicit language.

My best friend Holly was babbling about some new hottie at her summer job when I saw him. Langern rose from the waters at the other end of the pool, planting his huge hands on the warm tile and lifting his immaculate body toward the buttery sunlight.

God, even his back was ripped. His whole body showed its hard experience in every deep fissure between muscular slabs, like a Delta Force commander who'd just finished a three year stint in the desert. Wet heat flooded the emptiness between my thighs.

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I watched his glistening body bulge, oozing power as he gently shook off the shining droplets, flexing his arms high above his head. He spread himself wide at the pool's end, facing the sun, like a Free breeding erotica paying respect to the only thing more powerful than him. The sun's blinding rays hit his tanned flesh, stretching his long shadow across the shining waters.

So, is this Charlie guy gonna be at the party on Friday for the Fourth? I'm wearing the sexiest thing that stupid Mister Parker will let me get away with tomorrow to give him his invitation. It's amazing how the paint never chips, even after we've been swimming all morning. I guess money really does buy quality. Why did your Dad make you get that job, anyway? It's not like you really need the money Tell me about it. He says it builds character and discipline. Dad really needs to get out more and go somewhere besides his corporate office.

It's not like they need him down there anyway — the whole thing runs on autopilot these days. Maybe he needs to start dating again. My eyes widened. I looked past her, fixing my gaze on Mr. Langern as he dove into the pool again. His huge arms powered through the water effortlessly, pushing it away to make way for him like Moses.

He swam the same way he tackled life, hard and relentlessly. All this wealth the Langerns had piled up hadn't appeared just by wishing. Holly's old man worked tirelessly to build his company into the biggest employer in town. I remember her nanny picking her up from our after school piano lessons when I was ten. It was shortly after her mother died, victim of a cruel and swift cancer, the same time when my new friend became my Best Friend Forever.

Holly cocked her head and looked at me. She curled her moist hair into a ponytail and pursed her lips. He's flirted with a few younger ladies at the restaurants and bars, but he's left them high and dry, as far as I know. How 'bout you, Kay? You're still saving yourself for college this Fall? I blushed. Holly was one of the few people who actually knew I was still a virgin. Not that it was difficult to figure out. I'd never had a man's touch to verify their claims. As much as I wanted it, I'd held off, waiting for Mr.

Perfect and finding only gangly boys more interested in playing X-Box than learning how to please a woman. There I was, lounging with my best friend, who'd already fucked enough guys to form a whole team. Holly had carnal knowledge, the very same dark wisdom I craved, if only I could let go of my ridiculous standards and impossible fantasies.

All of her hookups had been just as handsome as all star players — hell, a few of them were. That's what happens when you're the school's prettiest cheerleader. No time for boys this summer. Underneath the playfulness, I detected venom. My best friend had always been like that, though. I cut her some slack, figuring it had something to do with leaving her mother at such an early age. And Mr. Langern's sky high expectations had only catalyzed her razor sharp confidence. A shiver rippled up my spine as a low, smooth voice washed deep inside my ears. I turned and looked up, straight through the free breeding erotica shadow leering over us.

Tell the maintenance guy to dial down the chlorine a free breeding erotica next time. Langern frowned. Better that than catching some dreadful tropical disease. It's been hot as Satan's kitchen lately. Won't be surprised if malaria starts popping up around here.

I laughed, knowing Holly rolled her eyes even behind her dark glasses. My giggle screeched to an abrupt stop when he turned toward me, the tight crease in his strong face evaporating into a shallow smile. I hope you're not letting my daughter walk all over your opinions? Some of us are very interested in hearing them. Damn it. It's too light out here. This shade isn't dark enough to keep him from seeing my stupid flush. I hated the creamy white skin I inherited from my Mom and the nervous temperament.

I'd been born a bad liar, and thanks to that, I couldn't hide anything. Chlorine or not, it's been a lovely free breeding erotica. If Hollster hadn't invited me over here, I think I would've roasted! You can't go off to college with your beautiful ivory skin looking like a lobster's shell. I can even help you apply it so you end up with a healthy bronze like this Flames danced inside me. I hardly noticed Holly lower her shades, giving me a strange look. That's fucking gross. Kay needs somebody her own age rubbing her body down — not some guy who's old enough to be her father.

My eyes turned on my friend like heat rays, wishing they packed the power to turn her into a little puddle underneath my feet. At least then I'd be alone with Mr Langern, the man who'd materialized in my dreams and dominated my daydreams since before my Sweet Sixteen. It hadn't gotten easier over the years, but Mr. Langern still commanded respect from his bratty little daughter.

And for everyone else, his tone caused us to fall into line, as if he were the President himself issuing an order. I wouldn't mind if you showed me something in the future. I know you've spent enough time in the Caribbean to know a thing or two about sunning without getting burned. My skin gets red and cracked so easily.

And he did.

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I remembered the weeks when Holly and her Dad disappeared, sometimes during entire winter break, returning with flesh turned to sun kissed gold — never the raw, red burns I'd gotten used to over many summers. His face brightened. It's been a long time since I went on an excursion that far abroad. If you get the chance, little Kaylee, take full advantage of your school's study abroad option.

Of course, I doubted that the bland State university I was due to attend in a couple months had many international opportunities. We weren't all bound for Ivy League wonders out East like Holly. She grabbed at my wrist and slid out of her chair. I stood reluctantly, embarrassed at the way I'd have to slink directly past Mr. Langern to get to the back door.

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Sure, he'd seen me in a bikini before. But thinking about him looking at me when my back was turned sent heatwaves roaring through my bloodstream. Oh, stop it, a wry voice inside me said. That's just more wishful thinking. You really think a successful older man like him wants to stare at teen ass all day? I'll show you what I'm gonna wear when I invite Charlie over here for my party. He nodded back, but he wasn't smiling.

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His eyes were darker, focused, as if he were evaluating unseen threats — or opportunities. Just before we slipped inside the tall glass door to retrieve our clothes and go to her room, I threw my head over my shoulder. Langern's eyes were harder and brighter than ever. Unblinking, and completely locked onto my flesh.

Waiting the next few days until the big night were torture. No matter how I tried, I couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Langern's look, the brutal and hungry gaze that turned my tight young ass into his personal target. The devilish visions kept coming whenever I closed my eyes and let go.

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