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Basically, I've been seeing a French girl for a little while now and things had been going well in my estimation; we were hanging out frequently, getting to know each other better, having good sex, etc. Yet over the course of the past few days I worry that things have taken a turn for the worst Without launching into unnecessary details, how can I figure out if this girl has lost interest and no longer wants to see me?

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I know that French dating culture is a little different than for Americans insofar as when you start becoming intimate with someone it's generally understood that you are exclusive, right? So how do fledgling relationships end? Does one party explicitly say to the other, "hey, I want to see other people"? Or is it a sort of 'take the hint' kind of thing?

Or does it all depend on the individual, there not being any general customs? Just ask her?

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There are differences between French and American "dating cultures", to be sure, but there are also considerable differences between individuals, you shouldn't be too quick to chalk it up to "French people are like X and Americans are like Y". Call me old-fashioned, but if I were to hang out and have sex with a person on a regular basis, I would consider myself to be in a relationship with that person. Even taking cultural differences intoat this point if definitely would not be normal for her to just let things die out, so you should definitely communicate about this.

It can be as simple as "hey, I thought we had a good thing going on, but things are leading me to believe I might be mistaken, are we still cool? I studied and lived in Boston for years. I think that's it. But anyway, I haven't seen any real difference when it comes to the basic relationshipy things for girls of any culture. This culture becomes the essential one.

It transcends all others, making them incidental. Remember, relationships are not just about sex but about all the pleasures of life. Make it a hobby to figure out what makes her tick. Discover the simple things that put her in a good mood. That's basically it, as far as I've figured. You'll know when it happens from funny situations where nobody but you two can see the humour, the inside jokes, the conspirational looks, the knowing smiles etc. If you do not share such moments, maybe she is not the girl for you. But that may have little to french girls reddit with you being American and her French.

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It may simply be that you are not right for each other. In any case, there are no rules in or in braking up a relationship. If you're interested in maintaining the relationship, how about expressing that.

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Sit your GF down and start talking with her. How do you feel about our relationship? Posted by 9 years ago. Thanks for your help! Sort by: best. Without launching into unnecessary details It seems like they would be necessary, though.

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You need to make it up as you go along! My two cents! Gaston Lagaffe. Google "polyamorous". More posts from the france community. Created Mar 19, Top posts november 7th Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top.

French girls reddit

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