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Our games like Motherload list comprises of some fine gems that involve boring pathways deep into the ground, collecting stuff along the way and upgrading equipment. Sound interesting?

Well, read on. This action-packed title lets you dive into the deep crevasses within the earth in order to mine money, accessories and other things like stone, wood, ores and other similar resources that might just come in handy while creating your unique universe. The captivating title was released for Microsoft enthusiasts in early via the Xbox Live indie games section. Create caverns and gather rare gems and metals games like motherload are concealed deep within the earth.

Developed by Robir, this 1-player title can be picked up from the Xbox Marketplace by shelling out 80 Microsoft Points. When you talk about titles that involve mining, how can one possibly leave this particular gem out of the compilation? This portable edition comes packed with survival and creative modes as well as a multiplayer option via local Wi-Fi. And with the latest update, you can expect to see new features added to the application such as swords, food, chests, skeletons, spiders, beds, paintings and the iconic Creepers.

This delight is available for iOS and Android devices. Get set to explore the vast underground confines in order to lay your hands on metals, ores and precious gems. This includes buying lifts and better gear, torches, ladders and supports. However, this inclusion in our Motherload alternatives array is also filled with peril which comes in the form of chasms and rockfalls.

There are 4 difficulty levels as well as challenging stages, each with their respective aims and medals. These latest finds of yours can then be redeemed for money and better hardware from the stores located on the surface. And similar to Motherload and a few other titles listed here, this one too will invoke a sense of nostalgia with its 8-bit sounds and retro graphics.

The storyline here revolves around farmer Lewis who transforms his bulldozer into a high-tech digging machine. Besides a campaign mode, the iOS application also features 8 mini-game challenge matches as well as an open-ended free play mode. The aim of this contender in our games similar to Motherload roundup is simple — mine minerals and trade them in for money.

The browser-based title is packed to the hilt with various fun missions which allow you to earn tons of cash. Was it a task to draw your attention away while enjoying retro favorites like Dig Dug at your local arcade or even smashing down on those Atari 8-bit computer controls while playing Boulder Dash? So until then, we hope these gems will help satisfy your appetite. Give them all a try and return with tales of your victory.

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