Gay demon erotic stories

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Nick he off to art high school in the US. And meets one of the hottest men alive. Can nick muster up the courage to talk back to the man of his dreams? A Gay Sex. Review s 4 Add review Report. Author: Addie Jin. I wake up on a bench in a park at in the morning to the sounds of rape coming from behind a tree a few feet away from me. It does not surprised me, have I grown used to the sound. I move my shoe less feet off the bench one at a time onto the damp grass allowing dew to slowly seep through the stitches of my socks.

It doesn't bother me. I stretch as if I am waking at an average time in an average home. To many people this would seem strange, but this is completely normal for me. This is how I've been living for that past years.

Just in different places. I reach into my bag and pull out my boots and slip my feet in them, wiggling my toes a little to make sure my feet are completely in before tying the laces.

I stand up and stretch again and sling my bag over my shoulder and head down the park. Along the way I see a couple or two and a few drunkards wobbling unsteadily along the road. This seems normal as well. I look up at the morning stars as they greet me with bright, invisible eyes. As I head closer to the city, the stars whisper goodbye and are then clouded by the city lights and smog. I sigh and look around for a place where I can start my day at.

I see a club across the street from the park down a few buildings. The lights are bright and neon, flashing different vibrant colours reading, "Cocktail party ". It is a very attractingthough I have seen much less I see a bunch of guys walking in, usually walking in alone and leaving in groups of two or three.

They are all good looking and I start getting in that "mood" to party and grab a couple fellows for myself. I start heading down to the club and I see an abnormally large figure standing in front of the building. His face is square and very masculine, with stubs of shaven hair forming down his sideburns and across his philtrum. Then the stubs shade his chin and jaw, fading halfway down his neck.

He has broad shoulders and a muscular body, covered by a skin-tight top that defines all the muscles jutting from his body, from his pecs down to his pelvic muscles. His pants are regular jeans with a dark belt. His golden brown hair is tousled and slightly gelled. It is short in the front and medium as it curled gently around his neck.

I walk up to him and see his grass green eyes and thin, yet full, lips. He gay demon erotic stories a bit angry, but he is fairly handsome himself. He looks about 19 or 20, though the light facial hair aged him by only one or two years. When he sees me coming towards him heading into the club, he pushes me aside pinning me against the wall of the club staring coldly at me. He doesn't scare me at all. Though, he doesn't seem all that tough to me. He seems to be wearing a mask of toughness as a bouncer.

I smile placing my hand on his hard chest looking up at him through my long eyelashes. I just wanna have some fun. His face twitches slightly looking down at me. He is a good 3 he taller than me. I close in on him, pressing my chest against his. I pause for a few seconds before answering, "I'm Have to be 21 or with an I. I pout playfully, blushing slightly looking at him. You seem to be fun also. I slide my arm through his pulling my body closer to him smiling.

I keep my voice low and seductive. His tanned face that is reflecting different colours from the neon lights starts glowing bright red. He is obviously more innocent than he appears to be. I can easily take advantage of him. But before I do so, I want to have a little fun with him. I smile and bite my lip, continuing, "I'm Angel. What's your name? You're a. Not just a kid, a boy. I don't do neither of 'em. I follow him swiftly and this time, I stand in front of him, leaning on him.

This seem to shock I almost fall but I hold onto the wall. I sigh at his stubbornness. I am considering giving up on him, but then he mutters, "My name is Ian. I move to him and slowly run my fingers through his hair around his neck turning his face to me. I move gay demon erotic stories to him until my lips are inches from his lips. I murmur, "Nice name. I can't wait to be yelling that out loud Maybewith all that muscle.

When I start to intensify the kiss, he pulls me close, adding some pressure of his own. His strong arms curl around my waist pulling me close to his chest. I smile now wrapping both my arms around his neck pulling me up to him. Then we part our lips. His tongue feels hot against mine. It is wet and slippery as it slides across mine. I bite his lip gently smiling and I hear a low grunt in his throat. He pulls me away. I look at him alluringly as I lick my lips. His breathing is now short and ragged, as mine is steady and normal.

He he in the bar and I lean against the wall patiently awaiting his return. He comes back, looking as flustered as he did when he left. He has his keys in one hand, and his leather jacket in the other. He presses the button on the keys and a dark car down the block flashes its lights in response.

He looks at me with a kind smile and nods towards his car. I catch up to him holding his arms again, blushing lightly smiling. His apartment is small and warm, but I don't pay much attention to it, because once the door closes, I have my arms around his neck again, pulling him back into a deep kiss. He picks me up so that my legs are tightly wound around his waist. Our tongues mash together as we breathe feverishly.

I kick off my boots with a little struggle. He starts sliding off my checkered suspenders along with my pants as I dig my fingers through his hair. I don't know how we found our way to the bed, but since this is his home, and he is the only one walking, I'm sure he can find his way to his bedroom. He flicks on the slightly dim lights and drops me on his bed which was cluttered with clothing and blankets and bed sheets. The features of his body are so well defined, I can't even imagine looking away. He unbuckles his belt and yanks off his pants with haste.

He crawls on the bed to me kissing my neck gently but gay demon erotic stories greed as he slides his hands up my white shirt. He slowly pulls off my shirt and for a split second, and I feel a bit self-conscious. I compare my pale, flat torso to his nice, muscular body. But I quickly overcome it as he murmurs, "Damn I smile biting my lip.

I lean back, my face burning with pleasure as his hot, wet tongue slides along my torso.

Gay demon erotic stories

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