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For you fuckers living under a rock, hentai is basically Japanese cartoon porn. Imagine jerking off to bitches from Pokemon, except with potential for some unbelievably sick shit, and you get the general idea. More on the tag system later. Between the full-screen ad raping the entire background and the masturbatory counter of how many images they have as shown by some anime cunts holding up s, you might wanna turn around and never come back. These are popular tags that were used in other photos. These Gelbooru freaks make me sick. Who the fuck draws all this shit?

Let me explain why. First, the tag system is all about specifically finding what you want. That means that Gelbooru rejects vague ass terms that it considers too basic or too generic. As a man who appreciates the basics, this made me pissed off.

But like I said, I get it. Once I successfully jerked off and let my brain start working again, I realized that this is why Gelbooru became popular. It really encourages the ers to make gelbooru com tags, and the system stops retards from clogging up the search with stupid content.

You have to get used to using underscores a lot. It can get confusing. Arigato to you faggots. First, apparently, you need to be a member to do some more complicated tag searches. Second, they have this weird Wiki that is just random as hell. Again, this is some weeb inside-joke community shit that these Gelbooru nerds love to jerk off to even more than pictures of cartoon girls getting fucked by a cartoon starfish.

Finally, it has a link gelbooru com a Doujin sister site, which is basically hentai comics. Hentai is cool because you can see characters from cartoons you like. Copyright laws? Who gives a damn, these are cartoons for fuck's sake. One time I opened up a link in a new tab, but in the original tab, it secretly went to a fucking ad!

So when I went back to my first tab to check out another pic, ta-da, I get a facial of an annoying full- animated ad. Also, like I said before, the tag system at Gelbooru. Weebs are degenerate sick fucks, but they are smart. Fucking fix that shit! When you send your users to an errorclearly explain why the FUCK they were sent there. It makes Gelbooru unwelcoming and unintuitive. Fuck you! Conclusion In typical weeb fashion, Gelbooru. At first, you just watch it like what the FUCK is this shit, but at some point, it clicks, and then you start getting into it and learning all the weird mumbo-jumbo zipperhead shit that you were calling faggotry five minutes ago.

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Gelbooru com

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