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An American secret agent and an evil female supercriminal vie to recover a pair of top secret X-ray vision glasses that have accidentally fallen into the hands of a ditzy stripper.

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Dan Golden Kimberly A. Greg Stanina Rick Trottier. Retromedia Entertainment American Independent Productions. A dim-witted couple find themselves in possession of a pair of working x-ray glasses after a stripper bumps into the spy who bought them from a Russian agent.

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So her and her boyfriend obviously go to Vegas to make a mint, not knowing that they're being pursued by the government agent who in turn is being pursued by criminal kingpin, Meow Mix and her henchman.

This soft core romp from the ever prolific Fred Olen Ray had it's moments and was a bit of silly fun for the most part but two things lessened the experience for me.

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One being the best part of the movie, Christine Nguyen had a pretty minor role I wish there was more of her. The other was the fact that Shannon Kelly does absolutely nothing for me and her Meow character grated on my nerves. Otherwise the film was OK, not Ray's best by a long shot, but not his worst.

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Director Fred Olen Ray. Fred Olen Ray. Dean McKendrick. Max Montgomery.

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Genre comedy. The Prime Video version was 45 minutes.

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And that was 45 minutes too long.

Girls with sex ray eyes

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