Gobliins 2 walkthrough

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He's the one sitting on the porch. Talk to the two old men with both Fingus and Winkle. You need to get their bottle. Have Winkle try to steal the sausage while he is standing on the ground. While the two old men laugh, Fingus can take the bottle.

Go to the Fountain. Use Winkle to place the bottle under the jet of water. Use the full bottle of water on the Toad with Winkle. Pick up the stone that was under the frog. Knock on the Wizard's door and talk to him. Have Fingus use the stone on the mechanism. Make Fingus pull down the ladder rung and have Winkle climb the ladder to the roof.

Have Winkle enter the chimney and enter the Wizard's house. Have Winkle step on the tiger's tail.

Take the matches in the tiger's mouth with Fingus. Use the matches to light the fire under the kettle. Pour water in the kettle. The poster will be partly steamed off the wall. Blow the fire out by touching the kettle. Take the spring key.

Have Fingus use the key on the cuckoo-clock. When the cuckoo comes out with the big key, use Winkle to throw a stone and knock the key down. Take the big key and leave. Take the wine and go to the village. Make Fingus give a flower to the Notable. Place Winkle on the platform and have Fingus press the switch. When Winkle is thrown onto the roof gobliins 2 walkthrough him steal the sausage. You can now visit the giant!

The Giant Gobliins 2 walkthrough the sausage on the pot hole with Fingus. Take advantage gobliins 2 walkthrough the moment to let Winkle pass by the dog. Open up the burrow with Winkle and go through the hole in the tree. Have Winkle tickle the chicken and use Fingus to hit him with the sausage. Take the chicken's egg with Fingus and light the wood with Fingus or Winkle. Place the egg on the fire with Fingus. As you are talking to the awakened giant, give him the wine and sausage. Winkle and Fingus can now exit at the top. The Trench Enter the small tower with Fingus.

After picking up the bomb with Fingus and lighting the fuse with Winkle, the guard will explode. Enter the small tower with Winkle. Pick up the bomb with Fingus and light the fuse with Winkle, the carpet will drop and a hand will catch the carpet. Enter the small tower with Fingus, pick up the bomb with Winkle and transfer it to Fingus so he can light the fuse. The hand will drop the carpet. Walk on the carpet. Go talk to Soka. He will advise you to look for "the sand of time" to cross the trench. Kael Have Winkle use the bottle on the nymph to wake her up. Give the tree a drink with Winkle and climb onto the tree's hand.

Place Fingus on the rock under the branch. Use Winkle to knock down a flower by shaking the branch and have Fingus ready to catch it. Use the flower on the stone under which the bees live. Use Fingus on the stone. When a bee flies out, Fingus will get honey. Put Fingus on the big rock to the left of the stone and use Winkle on the stone to make the bee come out. Put Fingus on the bee's back. When the bee takes Fingus near the nymph, have him give the honey to the nymph.

The nymph will point out the correct mushroom. Pick the mushroom and use Winkle to knock on Vivalzart's door. Show him the mushroom with Winkle and enter his house. Vivalzart's House Put the mushroom into the machine with Winkle and activate it with Fingus. When the machine starts, the liquid is blocked by the clothes pin. Take a worm from the jar with Winkle. Place Fingus on the left trap door under the vulture. Activate the shelf button with Winkle. This tosses Fingus to the vulture. While Fingus is hanging, throw the worm to the vulture with Winkle. Fingus will drop with a piece of meat.

Give the meat to the piranha who spits out the bone. Place a goblin on the trash can. Take the bone and give it to Vivalzart. When he throws it into the trash can, a goblin will bounce onto the shelf. Get the Kind Elixir and the clothes pin blocking the pipe. The liquid will go into the container. Use the bottle and give each goblin a few drops to drink. Watch the gobliins disappear into a dream. The Musicians Put a hand on the headlight with Winkle to recover the drumstick. Make Winkle put the drumstick on the stocking cap to create a net.

When you activate the spring with Fingus, a bicycle pump appears for a short time near the drummer. During this brief period, put Winkle's hand on the headlight and put the bicycle pump in inventory. Place a gobliin on the spring. Activate the spring with the other goblin.

The gobliins will jump in turn and a door on the left will open. Go through the door. Water Hose In the musician room, at the top, the way is blocked by a water hose. Use the clothes pin on the base of the hose with one of the gobliins. Go through the bottom right hole and speak to the guitarist.

He plays and a note dies out at the top right. Capture the note with the net. Have Winkle use the bicycle pump to pump up the saxophone player. Use Fingus to catch the mosquito coming out of the sax with the net.

With Fingus, use the bicycle pump to pump up the sax player. Use Winkle to catch the note coming out of the sax with the net. Use the mosquito on the headlight with Winkle to make the drummer play. When Fingus catches the last note with the net, you'll have the melody. Use the melody on the bottom left door. It will enter the clock. Go see Tom and he will give you the hourglass. What do I do with the Hourglass once I have it?

Gobliins 2 walkthrough the hourglass on the trench in the trench room. Go through the opening. Gromelon Get the mayonnaise and put it near Gromelon. Put Fingus on the shelf and make him jump on the mayonnaise. While Gromelon is drenched, pick up the sword with Winkle and activate him on Rustik. When Stalopicus' mouth is open, take the gum with Fingus. Use the gum on the cupboard lock to take an imprint. Take the mayonnaise before leaving. What do I do with the imprint? Give the dwarf blacksmith the imprint, then the sword. He will ask for help with the bellows.

Use the stool with Winkle on Otto to make him grimace. When he shakes his lance, hang Fingus on it. Fingus can then jump on the bellows and the dwarf blacksmith can forge the key. Take the key from the blacksmith and use the mayonnaise on Focus with Winkle. While the meat is lowered, use the stool with Fingus to take a piece.

Take the anvil before leaving. Amidal Make Fingus use the meat on Amidal to get his false teeth. Use the key on the cupboard.

Each gobliin will take a diving suit. The Well Enter the well with Winkle. He will press a button which reveals a door into the monster. Lift the hatchet with Winkle to reveal a switch. Press the switch with Fingus before the hatchet drops back.

Gobliins 2 walkthrough

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Gobliins 2