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Or that these and other costumes of questionable taste will be barely covering thousands of women who consider them escapist, harmless fun on Halloween. The trend is so pervasive it has been written about by college students in campus newspapers, and Carlos Mencia, the comedian, jokes that Halloween should now be called Dress-Like-a-Whore Day. Nelson, a professor of sociology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, said the trend toward overtly sexualized costumes actually begins with little girls.

Nelson found that even costumes for little girls were gendered.

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Boys got to be computers while the girls were cupcakes. Today, there are bride costumes for little girls but one is hard pressed to find groom costumes for little boys. Additionally, Dr. And when they dress up as police officers, firefighters and soldiers, they actually look like people in those professions.

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The same costumes for women are so tight and low-cut they are better suited for popping out of a cake than outlasting an emergency. Obviously, however, many women see nothing wrong with making Halloween less about Snickers bars and SweeTarts and more about eye candy. Rebecca Colby, 28, a library clerk in Milwaukee, said the appeal of sexy costumes lies in escaping the workaday, ho-hum dress code.

When the girls were asked what makes them feel sexy, they had difficulty answering, Dr. But does that mean women should not use Halloween as an excuse to shed a few inhibitions? Tolman said.

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Perhaps, say some scholars, it could even be good. It can be a way to embrace the fictional characters women loved as children while simultaneously taking a swipe at them, she said. But it may be only an idea. Or, more fittingly in this case, a fantasy. Nelson said. Salacious costumes — the most visible reminder that Halloween is no longer the sole domain of children — have been around longer than plastic Grim Reaper scythes. Heather Siegel, the vice president of HalloweenMart.

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Last year Ms. Bodner, 21, dressed up as a sexy pinch-hitter for an imaginary baseball team. This year she and her friends are considering being va-voom Girl Scouts. Getz of BuyCostumes.

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Still, women may be buying racy outfits because that is all that is available. Siegel of HalloweenMart.

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Besides, she said, men are less interested in accessorizing. At least they get a robe. Bodner of Cornell estimated that it will be about 30 degrees in Ithaca on Oct.

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