Grimhelm patreon

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First Prev 35 of 55 Go to. HangerDanger Grim Reaper. ed Jul 2, Messages Reputation score D44N said:. He said "It's not easy using Patreon .

Last edited: May 19, Oir Active member. ed Mar 17, Messages Reputation score Oh damn, it's going to be a free release for everybody in a few days?? I heard a bunch of people talking about Dlsite and assumed that it was going to be a purchased product. But his Patreon states that it is exclusive for Patrons for the first few days, then will be free to the public.

What an absolute beast! ed Jun 15, Messages 5, Reputation score 18, However, it seems you will need to be patient, alot of people havent gotten the yet. Maybe the takes a while, or its also possible he is sending them manually, one at a time. I know afew people that have had to do that in the past.

Edit: saw neutrals post Ill wait.

Iexist New member. ed May 4, Messages 20 Reputation score 6. He's giving it out for free?! Well, if I had the money for it, I'd throw some at him just because of that. The man deserves it! Maybe I'll manage to scrounge out something for when his next project rolls out Apparently there are still good, non-greedy people out in the world Memory Cthulhu. ed Apr 4, Messages Reputation score So for those who have played it, please tell us about the new H-animations.

Also wanna know if the final boss has a H-animation as well. ed Oct 27, Messages 58 Reputation score 5. Iexist said:. BigJohnny Tentacle God. ed Jan 31, Messages grimhelm patreon, Reputation score Did he change when rape occurs, in the demo it was pretty rare for the heroine to get H'd unless knocked down rare or out of hp. BigJohnny said:. ed May 9, Messages 1 Reputation score Version 1. BigDoctorJ New member. ed Jun 6, Messages 2 Reputation score 7. Don't know if it was noted but you can use shield to push the aliens into the corner in this room.

You'll have to hit them up the steps but once you corner them just crouch and swing away for easy levels. They may jump through your shield so save often. Ilverin Member. ed May 28, Messages 47 Reputation score So, I also asked this on f95, but has anyone beaten the Mother Brain yet? I couldn't get it to even half HP, its laser thing is just too hard to dodge while trying to land on a tiny platform while getting rid of the.

Edit : nevermind, the screw attack seems to be the way to go. ed May 3, Messages 83 Reputation score Mick Newbie. ed Aug 30, Messages Reputation score ed Sep 1, Messages 42 Reputation score 6. H-Section Moderator. ed Jul 12, Messages Reputation score There's a very grimhelm patreon bug. If you get hit in the air, you don't fall, meaning you'll get stuck in the air. ed May 5, Messages Reputation score Memory said:. ed Aug 19, Messages 5 Reputation score 0.

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Grimhelm patreon

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