Harem collector cheats

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Filtered by:. template Next. Anyway but this is not exactly a Guide and it's more of a pile of data comprising of - 1. Optimisticaly optimum gold management Investment Timing Duh 3. Vacation choices It should come under loopholes but whatever 6. Tags: harem collectorwiki. Comment Post Cancel. If Meline isn't your first fighting Harem Girl, you probably did something wrong.

As for which investments to inverst in first, that's really up to you. Some offers a straight monetary return.

Others also in better equipment is available to buy. Always read any books you find in bookshelves. No, they don't seem to contain any important information, but erach book gives 5XP, and at the lower levels that can actually matter.

I think players should decide which characters fits their gameplay the best, and try optimising the start based on that. If a store sells equipment that makes a real difference for one of your preferred characters, then that store goes earlier in the list. And then it rains, and suddenly you won't ber able to buy Lovely Flowers or slaves, and all your plans goes to Originally posted by Khaos View Post.

Khaos commented. It's called Hard Mode for a reason You may want to study which of the girls have day-ending scenes and when. Is there a way to gamble without getting busted? RomeoPapa commented. The Money making game is RNG, no way to change that. I just realized that you're referring to him figuring out that you're cheating! The game keeps track of your total profits and once you've made 25x the risk in profit so 2, sil, 5, sil, or 7, sil you will be banned.

This amount is tracked between games, so if you get banned while after the pay in is meaning you earned 5, in profit then when it moves to the Tin Dog Inn where the pay in is you'll be able to earn another 2, but the profit limit is hard-set. Isn't the most important item missing from the list of your request? The perfect Quest order?

This has harem collector cheats most impact on pretty much everything you ask for: exp and Sil optimisation, invetsment timing, affection, while also dictating your party obtaining order and ingame choices. The only independend item on your list from quest order is loop holes. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.

Harem collector cheats

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