Harem hotel guide

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Harem Hotel is one of the best adventure game with fine story line. The game where you inherit the Harem Hotel, the place where wonderful women stays. Here you Upgrade your hotel, build friendships with girls, follow their stories along with training your maid. This adventurous game has been developed by Runey and has a single player game mode. This game is applicable for Android, Mac as well as Microsoft Windows.

However, here we have listed out the updated cheat codes once they are released. Note: All these codes are tested so redeem it as soon as possible as the codes might get expire depending on the Patreon version.

All, these codes are repeatable. In order to redeem these cheat codes you must play through the game until you are able to access your PC in your Hotel room. Once you have the access click on to the PC and look to the bottom left-hand corner of the monitor, there will be a notepad inside a yellow circle.

Click on that icon and enter the code there and tap to Enter. If the code works you will receive a message saying Code Accepted, else Code not valid message will appear on the screen.

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Harem hotel guide

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