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Come in here, Honey.

Mummy cannot stand the sounds of you wanking off on your own any longer…. Even though my dad is still in the next room, mom keeps on teasing me. I can barely keep my cock in my pants right now. Our little games around the house had been escalating the whole summer I was back at home. Finally I got home from drinking with friends to what I thought was an empty house. I was already feeling my cock through my jeans in anticipation of a good jerk in my room when I saw my own mother on my bed wearing very little.

As I took my hand off my cock in surprise she just gave me a naughty smirk and told me to get in bed with mommy. I fucked my mother as I grabbed hold of her hair, and drilled my seed into her as she moaned my name. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive. Oh my.

Now there is a mother whom is desperate for her son to ravage her. Mom texts me pictures of the clothes she tries one. Mom, can you send me sexy pictures? Well are you gonna mommy or just stare like an idiot? Top Photos.

Hot mums tumblr

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