How to use rpg maker auto translator

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Thread starter Alexander Krisnov Start date Jan 19, rpg. Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 6 of 11 Go to. R3lz Newbie. Oct 6, 48 Am I doing something wrong or did the translation mess up the scripts? View attachment Oct 13, 7 1. R3lz said:.

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Yes sometime meeses up the script, replace manually the untranslated files like Scripts. Dyulam Newbie. Feb 12, 75 NB: i understand by myself, the button wasn't working the first time. Aug 26, 1 0. When using this software are there certain things you should not translate because I got half way through a game that was translated and now I have an error undefined method 'upcase' nil;nilclass. Lucy Newbie. Feb 15, 25 Reactions: Mokni. Jun 29, 29 Is it file size or some other thing? Angmir Active Member. May 29, 1, Hi everyone. If I get it right this program here just auto-translates all text within a game, which isnt realy ideal.

I would much rather have something simmilar to Visual Novel reader - so a program that extracts the japanese text out of the game and allows you to look it up yourself or also autotranslate. Is there anything like it somewhere? Manohades Newbie. Dec 5, 43 7. Terminus Member.

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Jun 8, Hey, I just used the translation tool and it seems to have the UI translated just fine, and it also did translate the "do you want to skip the into? I dont get it. I keep getting this error it basically says "the system could not find the specified archive any tip?

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Frederika Bernkastel New Member. Jun 13, 9 2. MaddRabbit Member. Sep 6, Frederika Bernkastel said:. MaddRabbit said:. Jun 14, 63 8. Woz Newbie. Mar 18, 15 4.

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There's some untranslated games i got on torrent, and i tried to use the translator but the thing is those games dont have data folder to replace with the translated folder. Are there any way i can use? Sep 18, 3 0. I've been trying to use it to translate Exposure Quest from H. Works on DLsite, but when I export the data folder into the base folder, nothing is translated. Jan 16, 50 Reactions: wuli. May 26, Does this only work from Japanese to English?

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