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Their "unlimited" storage is now described as 15TB "or more". Does that mean you have to beg the support for more? It's only for "genuine business purposes"? How are they going to determine that? Any experience in general would also be nice, but I am aiming for a business .

Anyone sharing their business with friends? They compare file hashes of everything in their systems and deduplicate stuff by the way. So never anything unencrypted. Mega says the data is encrypted but that's kind of a lie. Well files on mega may be encrypted. It's just that its mega encrypting with a hash of your password and so they can see everything.

Sounds like garbage for files that I legally bought music. Do you have any proof about this fact?

Mega is e2e. How are they supposed to know what you ? Edit: might be owned by New Zealand government. Kim Dotcom warned against using it. Personal here- you start with 15 but you can get additional gigs by verifying phone or downloading pc app and by inviting others to .

To be honest not my first choice for cloud storage but it's still useful. I don't mind paying. I like the encryption. Only alternative i know is pcloud and they don't have high storage plans :. Mega is a bad choice for lots of files moving around a lot, they throttle your bandwidth quite a bit and the rclone implementation is quite unreliable.

For storing a few GB a day and letting them sit they're fine. Storing a large amount of entities will slow down any operation however, because of how big your file keychain gets. Syncing slowed to a crawl after I added a couple thousand files.

Is it just me or if you're away from Mega and come back, let's say for 3 years. The folders are there but the contents inside.

Any recent experience with mega. Posted by 6 months ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Pretty impressive service. Much faster than Google Drive. Only alternative i know is pcloud and they don't have high storage plans : what's your first choice? Any clue on what's that all about? More posts from the DataHoarder community. This is a sub that aims at bringing data hoarders together to share their passion with like minded people.

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Is safe reddit

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