Katy perry sextape

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While the singer has shut down the others in the past, there is still no word of her coming down on this one.

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We wonder what her new boyfriend Orlando Bloom thinks about the whole promiscuous scandal. I mean, he isn't your average dude. The guy has no problem pulling out his dick while on vacation with his GF. We are predicting a future saucy video of the couple in the future. Meanwhile, Bloom's HOT ex-wife Miranda Kerr doesn't have a problem getting bare in the public either, see what we are talking about here.

The Victoria Secret model has plenty of private parts exposed, too.

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Back to Katy's revealing tape — the footage was definitely filmed on a shitty old camera. It must be one from the early 's.

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Don't let this get you down, the quality is still detailed enough to get your dick hard. Another brunette with these types of oral skills is Megan Fox, yeah she has a homemade video too! She gives one of the longest blow-jobs we have seen in a celebrity video. Who knew the Transformer goddess had that kind of stamina.

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A must-watch video. Although, we do think Perry's BJ performance has more energy and flare. The girl has talent. Overall, we are pleasantly surprised by this footage. There are still a few skeptics who do not think the busty lady in the video is Perry. However, many of her fans have come out and said they believe in the authenticity of the recording. Comments have been made on social media that Katy could have made this before her slight plastic surgery procedures were done.

Of course, this hasn't been confirmed.

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All in all, it is difficult to say whether it is Katy or not — we still think it is boner-approved though. Highly enjoyable to watch. She definitely swallows.

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Singer Katy Perry using a mic to show her BJ skills. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Want more?

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Katy perry sextape

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