Kingdom come deliverance side quests

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This is a list of Kingdom Come: Deliverance quests. Click on the title of the quest to get more information about it. Not all side quests are available at all times. Some of them are unlocked after completing a specific main story quest or are a continuation of another side quest. Alongside side quests, activities are special events that exist outside the main storyline of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance game.

The following quests are currently not available in the game. But it is also possible that someday they will appear in the game after some patch or in the form of DLC. This is the first quest in the main storyline of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and it will be automatically added to your journal when you start a new game. My home town was attacked by foreign soldiers and many people slaughtered. I couldn't get inside the castle before they closed the gates, so they sent me to Talmberg to warn the people there in case they faced a similar fate.

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Although my liege lord Sir Radzig Kobyla forbade me to leave Talmberg and the Lord of Talmberg, Sir Divish, complied with his wishes and tried to keep me in the castle, in the end I succeeded in leaving. I had to get back to Skalitz to bury my parents. I couldn't just leave their bodies to the dogs. I woke up from bad dreams. Theresa, the Skalitz miller's daughter was sitting leaning over me.

It turns out it was she, together with Sir Robard and his men, who saved my life. Then she took me to Rattay to uncle Peshek's mill. They looked after me the whole time I was delirious and feverish. Theresa also lost everything and is now living at her uncle's mill.

I may stay there if I wish, but I have a debt to settle. My treatment was not without cost. This is some kind of meta quest. All it's objectives are completed automatically throughout the main story. It will be added to your journal after you complete Homecoming quest. Train Hard, Fight Easy. Sir Radzig wants me to undertake training with his Captain, Sir Bernard. He has a reputation for being gruff, and I'm not sure whether he'll be too happy about Sir Radzig taking me, a blacksmith's son, into his service.

Keeping the Peace. He wants me to serve on sentry duty with Nightingale the watchman. In the course of my training I had the honour of making the acquaintance of Sir Hans Capon, and kingdom come deliverance side quests didn't get off to a very good start; we ended up brawling in the tavern. Sir Hanush is punishing both of us by sending us hunting together.

It was clear that neither one of us was looking forward to the expedition. Someone raided the Neuhof stud farm and Sir Radzig has sent me there along with a squad of his men to investigate what actually happened. Ginger in a Pickle.

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The Neuhof stud farm met with tragedy. A raiding kingdom come deliverance side quests killed several horses and some people. The trail led me to suspect that someone from the farm may have been involved. Ginger is hiding out in the woods in fear of his life, because by chance he recognised one of the bandits involved in the Neuhof massacre, some fellow with a limp who lives in Uzhitz. One of the members of the Neuhof gang, a fellow who goes by the moniker of Reeky, should be somewhere in the vicinity of Ledetchko.

Unfortunately, that's about all I could find out so far. I expect it shouldn't be too hard to I found out from Reeky that another of the bandits who raided Neuhof is apparently hiding out in a windmill south of Merhojed. Sir Radzig asked me to scout out the location of the camp where the bandits who attacked Neuhof are holed up.

I've got to find out as much as I can about the camp and, if possible, sabotage things a bit. A raiding party led by Captain Robard of Talmberg is preparing to attack the bandit camp and I'm to go with them. It will be my baptism of fire. Questions and Answers. While we were battling in Pribyslavitz, another gang of bandits attacked Merhojed. However, the villagers not only held of the raiders, but even took one captive.

Sir Radzig wants me to interrogate him. All that Glisters. I found quite a pile of Groschen in the Pribyslavitz encampment, which Master Engineer Feyfar subsequently discovered to be fakes. Not only is that a capital crime against the Crown, but it's also proof that there's more going on around Rattay than meets the eye.

If You Can't Beat 'em. After the affair of the counterfeiters, it's become clear that Sasau conceals many secrets. There's talk that there are "crimps", as they're called, recruiting men for a new bandit camp Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

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I discovered that the only way to the monastery le through a young nobleman, who is supposed to the monks' ranks. A Needle in a Haystack. A fellow is hiding in the Sasau monastery who I'm supposed to find and kill. All I know about him is that he's one of the novices.

My spiritual contemplation in the Order of St. Benedict is over. Farewell, Brother Gregor!

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Now, back to those crimps - let's hope they finally lead me to the bandit encampment. We finally tracked down the nest of vipers and now it's time to crush the head of the biggest and most venomous of them with our heels.

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Out of the Frying Pan. The victory in Vranik may have been for nothing. Istvan Toth and some of his men managed to slip away before our assault and head for Talmberg, which was left undefended. The foe has taken cover behind the castle walls, but we still have a chance to win the day. A decision was reached to try once more to sneak into the castle and free the hostages. Several camps sprung up around the castle and they all had to be got up and running. For the conquest of Talmberg you need to build a trebuchet.

This is more difficult than may seem at first glance. Cold Steel, Hot Blood.

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A messenger galloped into Talmberg with a report that Istvan's reinforcements are approaching. A battle seems inevitable. Istvan didn't wait for the outcome of the skirmish, but took advantage of our departure and attacked the few men left guarding our trebuchet. An Oath is an Oath.

The men are prepared, the trebuchet built and Istvan refuses to surrender. Talmberg must be conquered by force! Toth is gone and his men scattered, but there are still many things left unresolved. To start this quest you should talk to Herbalist Kunhuta. You will find her in her hut in the forest north of Ledetchko. Tricks of the Trade.

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To start this quest you should talk to the Ledetchko Blacksmith and offer him your help. This quest will be added to your journal when you talk to Matthias during Questions and Answers main story quest. You should complete this quest if you want to talk to the captive.

To get this quest you should talk to Andrew, you will find him in the Inn in the Glade. Ask him if anything interesting is going on. To be able to do this, you must first complete Masquerade quest. The Sport of Kings. To start this quest you should talk to Zora.

You must first complete Kingdom come deliverance side quests in a Pickle quest. A Bird in the Hand You can start this quest by talking to the Bailiff in Rattay. Ask him some questions to get more objectives. Clothes Make the Man. To start this quest you must first complete Next to Godliness quest then talk to Hans Capon. You will have to wait until the next day and talk to him again.

This quest can be given by Nightingale during Keeping the Peace quest, but you have to tell him that Theresa saved you. Money for Old Rope. Next to Godliness. To start this quest you should talk to Hans Capon. To be able to do this, you must first complete The Prey quest.

It's not unusual for family quarrels to get blown out of proportion, though they usually end with nothing worse than bruised feelings. Not so in the case of Captain Bernard's kin! Two of his cousins are feuding so fiercely that one is lying seriously wounded in Rattay and the other is pillaging farms around Neuhof with his band of renegades.

Sir Hanush has sent me and Lord Capon on a punitive expedition to deal with the robber baron.

Kingdom come deliverance side quests

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