Kyonyuu fantasy game

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Kyonyuu Fantasy released as Funbag Fantasy in the West is an H-Game that was originally released inbut was finally localized in English in A hentai OVA adaptation was made in His life is changed forever after meeting Shamsiel the succubus, where he then deals with problems the kingdom faces, both internal and external, in ways never dreamed of.

Along the way, Lute meets up with other gorgeous women whom he charms and gets lucky with.

A second game actually a Stealth Prequel set in the same world, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2takes place some centuries before the events of the first story and follows Ruin Demedium, a young man who shares a similar situation as Lute, but in the Kingdom of Hillsland. A third title called Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 involves Yurinas, the god of Boobjobs no, seriously who lost his power and sent to the human world as a result.

A more-blatant prequel, set in the setting's equivalent of Ancient Rome, complete with bickering gods and goddesses. Most of them have been localized into English, though some side content and Updated Rereleases are in limbo. A fourth title will soon be launched in Japan. Being an erogethere is a lot of hentai, but there is more to the story than just porn as Lute deals with numerous conspiracies.

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Kyonyuu fantasy game

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Kyonyuu Fantasy