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This guide to The Last Of Us 2 is a spoiler free extended survival game guide and walkthrough to the brutal post-apocalyptic world created by Naughty Dog studio. The first major chapter of our guide is a comprehensive guide to The Last Of Us 2. This initial part of this chapter contains starting tipswhich should help you understand some unusual mechanics and avoid making frequent mistakes that, in extreme cases, can even lead to the death of the controlled character.

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The following s of our guide cover topics such as combat and sneakingworld explorationcraftinglast of us soluce the difficulty level and saving the gameusing the best skillsacquiring new weapons and gadgetsand how to behave if you get attacked by dogs. Our guide is complemented by a trophy guide that contains a detailed description of all trophies which are required to earn the platinum trophy. Also, we have prepared a mini-chapter about character development and in-game equipment.

Furthermore, you can find a section about in-game controls and system requirements. An important chapter of our guide is the spoiler free walkthroughwhich will help you successfully complete a single player campaign. Our walkthrough describes in detail all stages and steps required to advance to the next chapters of the storyline - you will find out, among others, how to bypass or eliminate opponents, how to acquire important story items, and how to complete mission objectives.

In a separate subsection of our walkthrough we have prepared solutions to complex in-game puzzles and tips about most difficult confrontations. The knowledge gained in this way will minimize the risk of getting stuck in a place and not being able to continue your journey. In a separate chapter of our guide we have comprehensively discussed the topic of secrets and collectibles. By using our guide you will be able to find, among others, all training manualssafescrafting tablesartifactscardsor journal entries.

Collectibles have been divided by location. Also, more important secrets associated with character's development were described in detail on separate s. In the secrets section you can also find a mini world atlas - we have prepared a high-quality map of Seattle's downtownwhich is the largest and most extensive semi-open location in the game. We have described all points of interests that are worth visiting and secrets hidden in the downtown area. The last major chapter of this guide is the FAQ section which contains answers to frequently asked questions.

In our FAQ we have prepared answers to many common problems and more confusing issues. We explainamong others, how long it takes to complete TLoU 2, how to bypass or eliminate clickers, how to heal a character, how to acquire a bowhow to use silencers, how to improve weapons, and whether there are any romances in TLoU2. The Last of Us Part II is the sequel to the highly acclaimed action adventure game which was released in The new title continues the story from the part and allows you to play as mature Ellie.

In terms of gameplay, it is a further development of ideas and game mechanics well-known from the installment - players will face many demanding battles with infected and live opponents. Also, there is a huge emphasis on sneaking and survival aspects, for example, you have to save supplies due to their limited quantity. The magnificent and spectacular post-apocalyptic world is also an unquestionable advantage of the game.

In TLoU2 you will spend a lot of time on exploring various areas and districts of Seattle that are overgrown with lush vegetation. Our spoiler-free walkthrough The Last of Us 2 has a list of all the main last of us soluce and stages of the single-player campaign. A look at the list below will help you determine how many levels are in the game and quickly find the stage you are interested in. Below you will find some useful tips for beginners. We encourage you to read them before you start playing for the first time. You will find more hints and tips in a more detailed form in the Starting Tips section of our guide.

We divided the descriptions of places where the secrets can be found in stages, taking into only those levels where there is at least 1 secret to find. TLoU 2 only has a single player campaign to offer. Multiplayer will be available in the future.

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However, details about this mode have been shrouded in mystery at the moment. The Last of Us: Part II is a much longer game than its predecessor and players shouldn't complain about the lack of content in the newest production of Naughty Dog studio.

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The lack of multiplayer may also be considered as good news for trophy hunters - the Platinum trophy can be earned just by playing the single player mode. The game is clearly longer than the first part of The Last of Us - it should take about hours to complete the campaign for the first time, assuming that you will spend some time exploring your locations and that you won't play on the lowest difficulty level.

For more information about the length of the game and its main attractions, check another of our guide - How long does it take to run-through The Last Of Us 2? This is due to two main factors - in TLoU2 there are no trophies related to multiplayer content or trophies related to difficulty levels. The game can be played on any difficulty level, including the lowest level. However, there are no trophies in the game that would require you to grind. For more information, check out our trophy guidein which we have described every available trophy in detail. NoTLoU2 does not offer co-op mode and is deed for 1 player only.

Last of us soluce in the case of the first part, the character we control may be accompanied in some stages by a partner controlled by artificial intelligence. In Ellie's case, it could be Dina. Unfortunately, you cannot give any commands to the AI companion, but it doesn't make any huge mistakes or flaws during the gameplay.

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You also don't have to protect your companion all the time. Only in extreme situations his or her life may be in danger. Yes, TLoU 2 includes "chapter select" feature. In the main menu you can choose which section of the main campaign you want to play, for example, to replay a particular chapter.

As you select different chapters and stages, the game displays information about found items and achievements in the selected difficulty level. A list of all stages can be found on the first of our walkthrough of The Last of Us 2.

Yes, one of the novelties in The Last of Us 2 is the addition of a dedicated button for jumping - this is the X button. The main application of this action is to jump over smaller and larger gaps. It is worth noting that some locations require long jumps - in such cases jump button must be pressed during sprint you must hold the Last of us soluce button. Additionally, jump will only succeed if you activate it just before reaching the edge of the floor from which you have to bounce off.

You don't have any impact on the main story. TLoU2 does not allow you to choose any ending this game has only 1 ending.

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Also, you can't decide which characters you would like to spare or save them from misfortune. However, should be noted that some locations in the game are semi-open. This means that different paths can lead to your destination and you can explore locations which are not connected to the main plot. The most open stage in the game is Seattle downtownwhich we discussed in more detail in our world atlas. It is a fairly extensive location where you can move freely.

The controlled character does not have to focus on the main storyline right away, but can explore optional spots first. Stages with a similar structure had already appeared in the games last of us soluce by Naughty Dog. As you explore the game world, you may encounter obstacles, such as fallen trees or fortifications similar to those in the picture above. The controlled character may not be able to bypass this type of obstacles and it's not a bug in the game, but a deliberate blockade set by game deers.

The solution to this problem is very simple - you have to mount a horse and jump over an obstacle. You must go to the HUD tab in game options.

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TLoU 2 allow you, among other things, to hide the crosshair, health and ammunition information, hints, interaction icons or button icons displayed during combat. Yesdespite the fact that for most of the campaign an adult Ellie is present, a young heroine also appears in selected scenes of the game.

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During this stages her appearance looks similar to the one known from the first part of the series. However, Ellie's model in TLoU 2 is much more detailed. Yes, in some locations of the game you have to complete climbing sequences. Fortunately, they are not very complex and serve more as a variety of gameplay than an last of us soluce part of it. As you climb you may be forced to use a rope or make a long jump. In the latter case, you should be careful, because a fall from a high height after a badly measured jump may result in a fall into an abyss and death of the character.

Unfortunately, you can't drive in carsalthough in several stages you will have to shoot from the passenger seat. The only fully interactive vehicle is the boatwhich is primarily used during The Flooded City stage played as Ellie. The heroine uses a boat in the aforementioned mission to travel through flooded areas.

The majority of the boat section is linear, although there are several larger areas with optional locations you can explore. This should make it easier to replay the game and get trophies for improving all weapons and unlocking all passive skills.

Yes, Ellie and Abby can swim - you have to do this to reach certain locations. Furthermore, playable characters are also able to dive in selected locations. You may need to do this to reach a neighboring location or, for example, to find a secret or some valuable loot lying at the bottom. Looking at important locations - this is only possible if there is an important building visible in the distance. Holding breath - only available if you have unlocked this passive ability.

The skill makes it easier to fire accurate shots.

Last of us soluce

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