Legend of krystal playshapes

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All this for the purpose of selling hopefully milions of copies around the world to make a considerable amount of money. On the other hand we have a guy working with wathever he can get his hands on, during his free time, actually losing money on the bills, for no other gain than his personal satisfaction. Personally i wouldn't bother downloading a rpgmaker for free legend of krystal playshapes there wasn't a consistent chance i could get money out of it In this kind of game you can find flaws, glitches or fetishes that don't belong to you, but you can't really complain.

JohnDoe Banned. ed Sep 18, Messages Reputation score Re: Playshapes' Games ToxicShock said:. I'm confused, when I said counterpart, I meant still dealing with flash games. You just took the most extreme sides of the spectrum as if that makes sense in the decision. Obviously a game making company makes better games than a flash artist. Non-h games obviously run a large spectrum, but living with someone who animates and creates games both as a living and as a hobby, people usually take more time to make sure the game is better structured.

ToxicShock said:. I've heard this reasoning, and although I have no problems with people who do that, that excuse is flawed. A I'm not making complaints for nothing, I've made comparisons. These comparisons are aimed between this maker and other makers who do the exact same thing, so those criticisms are completely fair. And b It's a hobby. People take time to do hobbies and don't expect getting paid for em.

I've been teaching myself electric bass and guitar for a while, put time into learning songs, making videos and releasing them that obviously have no intent on making money, but it doesn't mean I don't learn the entire song or release something half-assed. Me and my friends started a skit group in its filming process that take a long time to set up, write, cast, light, and shoot, and I wouldn't want to release shitty mic'ed videos even though I won't make money off of it. A work of passion should be something you're passionate about, and if it's poorly put together, there seems to be passion missing.

I don't want him to do anything, even the best games have criticisms and all I'm doing is noting them which, like you said, I have a right doing. Just because I don't finance the museum doesn't mean I can't talk about the works displayed in a public forum. Zideeane Scallywag Homobeard. ed Jul 8, Messages Reputation score 9. Re: Playshapes' Games Woah, intimidating wall of text. I'll just wait under the sofa until I can say something useful. AceofWind Tentacle God. ed Jul 11, Messages 1, Reputation score Re: Playshapes' Games I'll just post this here.

Score". Allsop Grim Reaper. ed Apr 19, Messages Reputation score Re: Playshapes' Games Sorry that I have to ask, but does anyone have the source file. I'm programming illiterate so they would be quite valuable for me to possibly make legend of krystal playshapes own game. Advent Demon Girl Pro. ed Jul 31, Messages Reputation score Shapes have an actual website? DreamManX Jungle Girl. ed Sep 6, Messages 11 Reputation score 0. Re: Playshapes' Games Advent said:. Does Mr P. ed May 4, Messages 23 Reputation score 1. Re: Playshapes' Games Here you go. You must be registered to see the links.

Re: Playshapes' Games soulseeker said:. Here you go. ed Oct 9, Messages 1, Reputation score Re: Playshapes' Games Allsop said:. Sorry that I have to ask, but does anyone have the source file. ed Nov 24, Messages 11, Reputation score Re: Playshapes' Games noman said:.

Would a swf help? Wayne Jungle Girl. ed Dec 21, Messages 10 Reputation score 5.

PlayShapes originally made an alpha version of the game available, followed by the. This project aims to take the original game file and evolve it into a finished game by completing scenes, and adding in new ones. Last edited: Jan 9, Incognito Demon Girl. ed Jun 11, Messages 93 Reputation score ed Aug 25, Messages 13 Reputation score 3. Re: Playshapes' Games This project aims to take the original game file and evolve it into a finished game.

ed Oct 7, Messages 10 Reputation score 2. Yeah, at this pace it'll be finished roughly in ed Nov 17, Messages 9, Reputation score 21, Re: Playshapes' Games More like they refuse to put out content because they're afraid that'll put "pressure" on themselves to deliver. Fuck 'em I didn't even know whatever we're talking about existed, still don't. Snatchmonger Demon Girl. ed Jul 22, Messages 51 Reputation score 6. Re: Playshapes' Games Wayne said:.

Last edited: Jan 10, Coy47 Demon Girl Master. ed Mar 27, Messages Reputation score 7.

Re: Playshapes' Games Snatchmonger said:. ed Sep 26, Messages Reputation score Last edited: Jan 11, Re: Playshapes' Games You realize ren's team has been "working" on this game for like 2 years now with no evidence that any work has been done I think back 2 years ago someone else would have finished the game had they not seen this whole forum full of people going "oh yeah we got this". Its not that someone else couldn't have still tried, but whats the point of working on essentially the same thing? I'm sure to this day people are coming across LoK and going "oh cool I could finish this" then doing a quick google search and going "nahhh someone else is doing it".

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Legend of krystal playshapes

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