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If the download does not start, it could be Chrome blocking it. Right click on the link and open on a new incognito window or try using another browser. This update will see us facing something new, something born of hell that we have not yet faced throughout the whole story so far. Be prepared PS after conquering the Ruined Fortress, remember to travel back to the Valley of Pleasures, as the dialogues will point out, in order to advance the story. This new scene will be released in 2 parts.

With this new update you will be able to access part 1 in the Onyx Caves by clicking on the Demon Girl in the Main Hall which now gives 2 scenes you can choose from. DS clean up is a direct continuation of the DS scene we recently completed. It focuses on oral sex as the Demon Girl "cleans up" Lust's member.

Part 2 will come with more animated sequences, an extra Patron only animation, sound effects and more. This scene is a remake of the Ravagers cut-scene intro which we have redone as a mini bonus scene with clickable options. Be advised that this scene, being an.

As some of you know. One of the main things we have already started working on for the next update coming next month is bringing her to life in game. We are not going to say much about this, just that it will be a challenge facing something never faced before Well as you can imagine, since we are introducing a new enemy type in a boss battle, we have also created an intro cut-scene for it. In this update we will be consolidating our hold on the ground gained in Limbo as well as unveiling our next move.

This last production cycle we have also reworked our Avatar Girl creating 2 new versions of her wearing "some" clothing. Legend of lust guide a Collector or higher lv Patron you will have access to the High Resolution version of this new artwork. PS don't forget to upgrade him in regards to both armor and weapons at the Hell Forge in the Onyx Caves. We have created some cheat codes that you can use in game. We advise not to as it will pretty much spoil the fun or even skip some important stuff EG acquiring a new character.

These are meant to be used, mainly for testing purposes, or as a last resort in case an error occurs for example if for some reason a battle is frozen, as some of you have unfortunately reported. We dedicated quite some time fixing various glitches and problems. The game should run smoother now. Thank you to all those that took the time to report issues. That helps us a lot. Out team is very small, only 3 people at the moment due to budget decline, while the game is growing to huge proportions making it really hard to test any possible scenario.

That is all for this update, as always a big thanks to all our supporters and enjoy the new update. This update will see us traveling deeper into Limbo and reaching it's Edge as we encounter new locations and new enemies. We have deed 2 new backgrounds which will feature new areas in Limbo. This update also comes with a new enemy we have deed, a new Limbo demon type, as well as a new battle to be fought.

The update also comes with an adult intro cut-scene featuring another threesome. In this case it will be a FMM in which we will see a Great Limbo Mother engaged with 2 new members of a new limbo demon type. In this new update you will also have the chance to craft a legend of lust guide equippable item as well as upgrading a weapon for more damage. Both these options will become available during gameplay at the Hell Forge in the Onyx Caves.

As we have introduced Berserker as a new character last update, this month we finalized working on him. Now how this worked created a bit of a problem. Basically if you use Frenzy Lust will swing the sword 3 times. Each swing has a chance to miss, just like it has a chance to crit. The problem arises because the drain was connected to the 3rd and final swing, so if that one missed, the whole 24 HP drain would be lost. To fix this, we have decided to do something more logical.

So now, for example, if you miss with any 1 of the 3 swings, you will only lose 8 HP drain while still retaining a 16HP drain. These Eco-friendly tees have sleeve and bottom hems featuring wide, double needle topstitch. Furthermore, they are Global Organic Textile Standard certified and conducive to green living.

We have a new enter code which will allow you to start right before porting to Limbo for the very 1st time. This code will give you everything that is potentially acquirable up to this point in game. All the upgrades, gear, items, characters, properties, attribute points Nemury gets only 4 as she is a new character etc. With this update we are including the Demon Slut 2nd and final part which can be accessed in the Onyx Cave's main hall.

This part 2 comes with a set of additional legend of lust guide sequences including a cumshot sequence. It also features complex sound effects, additional options and dialogue lines. Furthermore, the special edition version accessible from Demon Patron lv comes with a final dialogue teaser pointing at a potential sequel. Should there be a sequel or not will be up to how well this scene is received and Patron votes. We have a new scene which will come in 2 different formats during gameplay, as well as the ability to replay it.

We don't want to give away too much, but it will involve Hottie and a brand new character in some penetration sequences. This scene is an adult scene which also functions as an intro cut-scene and that features 2 new characters we are introducing with this update. There is penetration as well as a This update comes with 2 new complex characters. We won't say much about them but, as you have probably already deducted, they are called Great Mother and Berserker.

One of which is a new and very powerful acquirable character that you will already be able to add to your party and use in battle. On top of the intro cut-scene mentioned above, we also have another 2 short animated scenes, one functioning as an intro and another functioning as a background which is also where we got the image for the update's cover above.

The update also comes with 2 new battles that offer a new scale in enemy prowess as now, in Limbo, we commence facing the first seriously strong opponents on a regular basis. We hope that you will all enjoy this new update. A big sincere thank you to all those supporting our work for making this project possible and progressing on a monthly basis.

With this new update we are releasing part 1 of a new sex scene featuring a demon girl from the Onyx Cave and her new master the demon Lust. It focuses on the demon girl riding Lust, so it is all about her legend of lust guide as she services her master in a series of penetration sequences of different depth, intensity and style. Part 2, which is currently in production, will come with a new set of options and animations, new penetration sequences as well as a cumshot sequence. Additionally, it will also feature sound effects which are currently not available in part 1.

The 1st area, the Forest of dead roots, can be visited and comes with 4 new backgrounds we have deed as well as legend of lust guide set of new characters. A new NPC character is introduced in the storyline as our first mission in Limbo is to find Virgio looking for his assistance as a guide in Limbo.

This update comes with a brand new type of enemy. It is actually 2 different enemies that we have deed but that function in a new and unique way. Without giving away too much, lets say that they are more like a group enemy or complementary unit.

This required developing some brand new scripts and updating our battle system mechanics. Additionally, we have reintroduced a function we used some time back in the Onyx Cave's mission, the clothing rip. Although Hottie is already quite OP, since Lust got a massive boost with the Black Reaper set, in this update you will be able to upgrade Hottie's armor.

This upgrade is substantial as it will ificantly affect her damage output. Additionally, this new upgrade also comes with new animated effects on Hottie's battle model. Both Black Panther and Nemury have received some mods to the de of their Demonic Evolved form as they now have some additional graphic elements.

Additionally, following the substantial damage boost that Black Panther received last update to his Special Ability, we have decided to change it's fatigue cost from 6 to 7. We have had a Defended Tab in the Ego Chamber for a very long time. Finally, with this update, it is now available. The defenders tab will host, similarly to the other tabs, a set of character profile s. Currently, once you have found them all, you can have up to 3 different character s there. Right click on the link and open on a new tab or use another browser. The latest Enter Code is Buckmalesch and it will allow you to the game right after defeating Baylor.

Part 2 comes with a bunch of new animated sequences for the penetration which will increase in intensity, depth and speed. We have also included of course a new complex cumshot sequence. Additionally, we have 2 new Patron only extras. The 2nd is an additional super intense penetration sequence. Lastly, part 2 also comes with a completely new set of sound effects we have prepared throughout the last weeks.

Legend of lust guide

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