Lesbian date tumblr

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Same person as the last ask you answered : we hung out a couple more times, and it turns out that we were in fact going on dates! She said yes and I put my arm around her and later I told her I liked her and kissed her after asking. So it worked out :. I hung out with this girl I met on a dating app twice in the past 24 hours. I have no clue what to do next or how to make things more explicitly romantic!!!

Well, it does sound like she likes you!! So uh, things didn't work out : we started dating but then she started ghosting me again?? I was pretty angry at her, called it out and then she told me we don't function together and probably shouldn't date and while that might be true but I am still so mad she did that over text. It's a been a while now and even if I don't think about it all day, I'm still hurt about the whole thing: So back to being single woo. Ofc I care!!

Keep me posted and also take care of yourself in these uh. Pandemic times!! This sounds really good!!

Has the date happened already? You make the rules!

Posts Ask me something gay What useless lesbian thing have you done? Anonymous asked: Hey! Anonymous asked: I hung out with this girl I met on a dating app twice in the past 24 hours. Keep me updated!! Anonymous asked: haha Idk if you care but the less useless lesbian strikes back with an update Anonymous asked: less useless lesbian!!!

Anonymous asked: the less useless lesbian has returned!! Anonymous asked: help there's this girl online who is so cute and sweet and she always compliments me, we've been calling each other wifey for two months, around the time she confessed to me I was too shocked to say yes and I regret it to this day, I don't think she likes me anymore and we always spam hearts to each other, the other day she said that her heart belonged to me; do you think she likes me???

Lesbian date tumblr

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