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A cute blonde girl is 18 years old, and she is a lesbian. As expected, the slumber party was awkward. They were loud and girly, and she really just wanted to leave, especially when the girls started teasing her about being a lesbian. Later that night while they were all chatting and drinking on a bed, one girl dared to cuddle up to her a little. Could this girl be a closeted lesbian? When the poor girl fell asleep, one of the girls wrote LEZ on her forehead. She was distraught when she woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

One of the girls followed her. When she wanted to leave the bathroom, her friend stopped her and kissed her very slowly. The lesbian girl was kissing her in return as she pressed her body against hers. She wanted to slide her hands under her skirt, or better yet up to her breasts, she wanted to kiss her all over, kiss her belly, move down to her pussy.

Very soon, one thing led to another, so a minute after, the girls both took off their T-shirts.

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Another minute after, they were entirely naked. They completely forgot that they are not alone. They even began grinding their clits and labia together! The seduction and sex scene was exquisitely filmed. It was so sensual and beautiful, organic and real.

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This scene had it all, excellent acting, filming, directing, editing, seduction, sex and a wonderfully dark plot with a most unsatisfying unhappy ending. She kisses and fondles erect nipples of her girlfriend pulling down her bra. Her boobs are so lovely, firm, juicy. Slipping down between her legs she kisses her mound and her hot pussy through her bikini, that is already soaked with pussy juice.

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This is so hot, especially if you like watching a girl experiencing new sensations for the very first time. Next blonde flips over onto her back and invites her friend enjoy her dripping wet pussy.

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Kimmy plead and plead but Adria knew what she wanted, she wanted Kimmy. She teased her and touched her, then kissed her. Her horny roommate took off her top and revealed her tits. She quickly took off her panties, spread her legs and let Adria lick it. It was wet and warm. Adria was devouring her beautiful pussy, her lips and tongue were magic at her pussy.

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Her body began to tremble and shake. Then Adria sat on her face and Kimmy started pleasing her with her tongue. She was licking and kissing her as she played with her own pussy. She was fingering herself, as she had Adria on her face. Then two naked girls started scissoring, their wet pussies rubbing against each other. Adria was licking her foot and grabbing her tits as she rubbed against her pussy. Two teen lesbians were both moaning as they loved their pussies kissing each other.

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