Love and second base

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The wiki does not provide event conditions for events that are part the weekly alpha release! The following articles describe the basics needed to play the game, including all the attributes and how interacting with the other characters in the game works. The player has the choice of taking on the role of either a guy or a girl and meet a whole cast of unique and memorable characters along the way. The aim of the game is, basically, to get lucky with the partner of your choice, meeting, dating and of course getting it on in a host of different places, situations and positions.

You can keep it casual, ask for their hand in marriage and even get them pregnant, while being either the perfect partner, or cheating on them whenever the chance arises. To do this, you'll need to build your stats, know your conquests and play the game like a pro. But remember, they can react to each other and if the player is two timing he can get in trouble, the game has a date and a phone systems so you can invite girls and guys to dates, ask their s and send them dirty texts.

Mike our hero and Bree our heroine live in a small house and work boring jobs, but during the course of the game they have the possibility to improve their lot in life. When you first start, the Introduction includes a questionnaire that affects some of your starting skills and attributes. Patreon characters are available only in the Patreon version of the game, acquired by supporting the game on Patreon or purchasing it on itch.

Teaser characters can be seen, and sometimes interacted with, but not dated. They are planned for future expansions. Some of those items change the appearance of those love and second base while other items increase their stats. A list of appearance changing items and who is affected by those items in this phase of development can be found here. Some of them require that the player fulfills a certain condition in order to access them or they are only accessible if you're on a date with one of the many datable characters.

The full list of all locations and how to access them can be found here. Romances Introduction Getting started Game Mechanics. Items Locations. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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Love and second base

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