Lust doll lost laboratory

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New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Lust Doll Completed Game! Thread starter Indivi Start date Oct 5, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev 25 of 25 Go to. Nov 24, 1, 1, canuck land. Indivi are there any guides I'm stuck at the masters manor I can't seem to win this boss fight and cannot escape that grapple. Indivi Well-Known Member.

Aug 27, Click to expand Indivi said:. Look for a written cue that warns that she's preparing her one-hit kill, then guard and it'll miss. Thank you and I did check out the wiki it had no such hints. Oct 27, 95 Is there supposed to be a win scene for Sammy on the island?

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I don't have a victory scene for her, but she also has no wins yet. Last edited: Jan 11, Aug 2, 40 4. Sorry to bother, but does anybody know how many energy drinks you need to reach the Lost Laboratory? I've tried with upwards of and I still run out after about 5 or 6 minutes.

EDIT 2: Nope, no clue. Last edited: Feb 2, Iirc, you only really need like max? You're very likely trying to reach it from the wrong starting point. Mihr Member. Aug 23, 5 0. The guy at the party Charles, I think?

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Mihr said:. That's exactly true. I counted the map chunks, I went through 16 of them before I arrived at the laboratory. You can reach it with 3 Energy Drinks total, you'll arrive with barely any energy left though. Here's a long overdue bugfix version! Not a lot of things transfer over unfortunately, so this means I'm really re-making the game from the base up.

That does work out well though, as it'll let me revise and fix a lot of things, as well as change and improve certain parts of it improving the flexibility of the combat system, getting a proper preggers system in from the getgo, more transformations, etc. Oh, fuckin' hell, i was starting from the tile directly outside the desert town. If anyone has a noose, I'd like to borrow it if I could. LuxMerlin New Member. Mar 14, 1 0 Hey guys, help me please, right now I want to max out my boobsize to megaboobs but I cant find the shadow pendant in the manor, is the shadow pendant is in the room that locked by a door?

LuxMerlin said:. Vorpeseda New Member. Apr 23, 1 lust doll lost laboratory Found this game recently, did not expect to get attached to some of the characters as much as I did. I freaked out when Cassie disappeared, and started looking everywhere for her. I kept exploring the wilderness to try and find her, so it took longer to find her than it could have. Finding her in the desert was a surprisingly emotional moment for me.

The game doesn't give you the option of having Cassie move into your apartment, while the other characters have their own places to be, Cassie has a hideout that's been renovated, but doesn't really have an attachment to anything other than the player character.

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I figure that mechanically, the only person who will move into your apartment is the one you couldn't meet without owning the apartment anyway, but in terms of lore explanations, I figure Cassie prefers the solitude? Especially once her hideout is properly renovated into being a nice place to stay. I got pretty fond of Rinny as well, after going through the manor quest.

I want to keep her safe as well.

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After completing what I think is all the major quests, I decided to start a family with Rinny. Nifty that she talks about the baby afterwards. Is the Island actually a pocket dimension in the painting, or is it just the player character falling asleep and having sexy dreams? Also, I did the final parasite transformation before discovering a secret area with a meat orb, is that a glitch? Vorpeseda said:.

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Gizmo Well-Known Member. Aug 28, Gizmo said:. Reactions: Malbutorius. Jun 28, 1 0 Last edited: Jun 30, Sep 7, 1 0 I saw the help wanted poster in the police station but nothing else happens. Also I keep losing in the island arena but the girls keep choosing other contestants instead of me.

Jan 2, 1 0 I played Lust Doll r After waking up, it said I needed to find someone who I can trust with my secret desire but who. I'm assuming this desire has to do with one of the companions but I've talked with all of them and they're all the same.

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Is this dream thing an unfinished project? KingMelon Active Member. Sep 27, 28 Monokuma New Member. Feb 10, 1 0 Quick question. Are we able to talk to the succubus queen or no? You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Lust doll lost laboratory

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Lust Doll (Completed Game!)