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Are any of you guys neets? Why work your ass off trying to impress people and score bitches when you got free porn and housing? What more do you need!? Pururin is essentially a doujin dump site, where anyone can come and their porn for the world to enjoy. Just like a man needs little more than a little food and a mattress to get by, Pururin gives you all the essentials to fap to with none of the bullshit.

Each goes through a review process to make sure it fits the box that Pururin wants you to fap to. Under each thumbnail is the title. This is a nice little way to see the rating without having to click on the doujin. At the bottom of the gallery is manga pururin news feed with the latest website updates. Pururin has a forum where people can request comics, make recommendations to the website, and more.

Click on a thumbnail to be sent to the main. At the bottom of the is the almighty comments section. Navigating the image viewer is simple enough. Even though there is no List View feature, they do have three View Modes to choose from.

At the top of the are the main links, which include Browse, Tags, Forum, and Contribute. There is also a registration and feature if you want tocomment, or have favorites. The difference between manga and doujin is that doujin is strictly drawn by amateurs, while manga is professionally published and created by manga pururin professional artist.

The Game CG comments are just image rips from random hentai games. Some of these pictures are censored due to stupid Japanese laws, so keep that in mind. Pururin was very smartly deed. All the content is well organized in a folder-type category system, so you can always browse different levels of the to make your browsing narrow or open. The admin is also fairly active and the biggest contributor to the site.

Normally, a site like this is mostly supported by uplo from the users, but at Pururin the admins will more content than anybody. Pururin maintains user rankings that motivate people to manga pururin involved and tons of fap material. Pururin also maintains an active Discord and Forum. The Discord has over members, so if you are truly desperately lonely well…you can make some friends here. I like that Pururin keeps their content focused on Japanese hentai.

First, Pururin will throw you some popunders when you open a chapter. Western-style reading directions which I doubt anybody gives a shit about. Another annoying aspect is that you need to register to download mangas.

The forum is also a huge mess. At this point, there are hundreds of doujin sites out there all featuring thousands of doujins. Pururin checks off all the major boxes when it comes to a hentai doujin site. At the bottom is the thumbnail gallery of the actual doujin.

Click on any to maximize it. What I Like Pururin was very smartly deed. A solid addition to the hentai doujin webspace At this point, there are hundreds of doujin sites out there all featuring thousands of doujins. Overall, a solid addition to the doujin porn universe.

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Manga pururin

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