Mature quest walkthrough

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You are an ex-adventurer turned barwife when some bandits show up.

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After trouncing them they kidnap your husband and hold him hostage as they go to rape you. Then the Demon Lord revives, steals your husbands soul and off you go to defeat him to revive your husband. You know your goal, but most of what you are doing is just trying to get the means to advance through the world. Not that I can fault the game on this, as Dragon Quest is basically the same. A few towns have short story arcs but for the most part its just adventure. The only unique mechanics are enemies will rape you depending on your pheromone stat which goes up with most equipment and that you learn some spells by reading bookshelves.

One thing I did like about the defeat rape scenes is that after them the game would full heal you and then give you a tip to defeat the boss. It makes dungeoning pretty simple. Overall the game starts really hard but once you get far enough it becomes a joke.

I killed the special bonus boss in 4 rounds, the toughest thing in the game. The scenes have really good art. To bad mature quest walkthrough writing for a majority of them is short and pretty shallow.

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I mean it works but I wish there was more effort put in because I really like how Laura looks. Music fits the Dragon Quest skin, though a few tracks are ear bleeding. The aesthetic is pretty perfect. I have three real issues with the game.

One is your movement speed, which the translator already fixed in a later patch.

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The next is that Laura talks in emoticons which while cute takes way to long. The other is just how basic the game ends up being. The plots are almost all barebones and the h scenes are usually written pretty poorly.

While I did want to like this, other then the way it looks its not really anything special. If you like Dragon Quest, especially the early ones, its great. If not then its just another RPG Maker get raped to see porn game. Even the one that crashes the game. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Mature quest walkthrough

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