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I got several bonus scenes from the machines and several more with mom and sis. Not to mention I'll let you find out. Reactions: m4zyWackamoleLewdGoogle and 2 others. Nope Active Member.

Aug 5, I got an error trying to run through this with an older save. Is there enough new content to be worth the time? Reactions: Nukles and Bravo Former Staff. Aug 5, 10, Thank you F95 Nope said:. Nope said:. Reactions: BD I think it's worth to replay.

Seems to have good amount of new content. Dustellar Active Member. Aug 22, 1, I was trying to download this from Mega but in my country there is a limit! Santaras Well-Known Member Donor. Game Developer. Aug 8, 1, 1, Can somebody do a walktrough? Anbuja Member. Aug 23, Cancumo said:. Crescens Member. Aug 19, This is what I used for the few parts where the game made no sense to me.

It was posted by someone named NinjaPerv on another forum.

Day 1 Nun Go to the church, the path to it is by taking the top right route. Enter into the milfs control game and talk to the Nun by the locked door, then exit the church and go to the garden above it, there will be a key located by a statue. Go back to the church and talk to the Nun again, you will need a lock-pick now. Go to the main map area and head for the docks at the south part, there will be a man standing still on one of the piers, card battle him for a lock pick. Get the pick and then head back to the church and unlock the door, get the scene. Nurse Go to the hospital, the path to it is by taking the bottom right route, enter the building and head towards the right side of it to trigger the encounter with the nurse, after the scene talk to receptionist, then go back to the main area and enter the cave located at the bottom of the map.

Enter the area and defeat the old man blocking the way, there are three people here you can farm for cards they vary in difficulty easy, normal, hardgo to the right side this area where the chest is and talk to the man in the corner, beat him and then get beat up, go to the hospital and talk with the desk lady again and then go see the nurse, get the nurse scene.

Day 2 Mom Wake up in the middle of the night and try to enter the mothers room, go down and get the key from the room below the kitchen, go back to her room and get the scene. Schoolgirl Wake up go to school and take your seat, during the break head upstairs and talk to the girl beside the two students in front of the washroom, beat her and then beat the other two in a card battle, enter the washroom and get the scene.

Mom Go back home after school and get a shopping list from the mother, go to the store and buy the items, battle the guy beside the store for a hint on where to get champagne, then go to the church and go up to the altar and get the champagne, go home and trigger a scene before you get cock blocked by the faggot "friend". Teacher Go to the teachers house, its the first house you see when you take the upper right route to get to the church, she's not there, but talk to the guy in her backyard and beat him in cards, he'll tell you to find her son.

Go to the school and in front of the entrance there should be two people talking, beat the bully in cards and the son will drop a key before running away. Take the key and go back to the Teachers house and change the grades on the table, exit and run into the teacher and get the scene. Cop Go home and find out that the dog has escaped, go to the police station, to get there you have to go right of the church area, talk to the guy at the front desk and then try to enter the room, some asshat you beat won't let you go until you beat his asshat ass again, beat the asshole and then enter the room and talk to the policewoman.

Go home talk to the mom and then go to sleep. Day 3 Teacher Go to school and during the break talk to the schoolgirl in the hallway, after the lesson use the ring on you teacher at the behest of your cockblock douche buddy, get the scene. Go home after and talk to the mom and get the internet bill from the house, then head to the bank, it's located in the same area as the police station. Cop After paying the bill go to the police station and talk to the the police woman in the room, after she leaves look around for a password for the computer it's "Femdom", case sensitive, also press esc if you make a mistaketurn off cameras then get the scene when she comes back.

Shop Assistant There is a new card shop located milfs control game the food store, beat the man blocking the door in a card battle to get in, once inside go past the desk and continue right to get to the room with the assistant, talk to her and then head to your home to your room to get a screwdriver, go back to the store and play the mini-game or not and talk to her. When she run away and locks the door, try to open it and check the room for stuff to help, then go back to the store area and talk to the girl in the top left, beat her in cards for her hair clip and then pick the lock and talk to the Assistant to get the scene.

Mom Go home and go to your room and get on the computer, go to internet and order lingerie for the mother, then go outside and talk to milfs control game courier and get the clothes, go back in and talk to the mother and use the ring on her, then go to sleep, the mother will come in and then the scene will start.

Day 4 Twins Wake up go to school, during the break go outside and milfs control game to talk to the girls on the left, after being rebuffed go talk to the dude walking in the garden directly below them, beat him in cards and then he will split them up, talk to the one standing alone and use the ring and then get the scene.

Sister Go back to class and talk to the asshole friend, go to the washroom and interact with the mirror, then go to the museum, the route is the top left in the main area. Go back to the secret area you got the ring from and get all the scraps and assemble them on the table using the optional mini-game or skipping it.

Go back home and get the scene with the sister. The game is 7 days but everything after this gives you multiple clues as to where to go and what to do. Reactions: de vanMalexkunRaven Hex and 16 others. Anbuja said:. I dont think you need one tbh, the game walks milfs control game almost through the game by itself. The main charakter almost always says a text what you need todo next.

But if you didnt read a part and need help just post here. Reactions: Snakob Aug 27, Legendary as usual, Thanks for the. ForeverinCombat Newbie. Aug 14, 17 7. Thank you F95 Check the changelog and make your choice. I cant find a way to end the day guys. Pls help. Aug 9, Aug 6, Crescens said:. Reactions: kjtn77 and jamesbryans. I played that one and accidentally saved it at the end of 0.

Now I'm down to a keyboard since the X key on my game pad sticks. It's a busted contact on the board that keeps sticking. Anyone else have issues with the game minimizing from fullscreen whenever an animated scene runs? EDIT: Finished it. Pretty long game for. Would be especially long if you don't cheat to buy the best cards.

Seems like you have to play the card game every 5 minutes. Last edited: Sep 4, Reactions: MistressJadeKittensolal13Underc0de and 1 other person. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Milfs control game

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