Mom and son roleplay

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I think that is part of it, but not the whole thing. His Mom is nice, but very emotionally distant. So I know he is more needy for my comfort The sexual aspect of it has just got me confused. I don't want him to be thinking of her when he is with me. Make sense?

Yea, honestly I would feel kinda uncomfortable in your position, I would discuss it with him and just question his sexual desires until you both can validate them No, he is actually a year older than me. I should just suck it up and ask him more questions, I just don't want mom and son roleplay make him feel judged. But I'm going to have to do it I guess haha. Yea, if anything just joke about it be like oh, you want me to be your shuga mama, huh?!

I doubt he'd be thinking about his mother. He wants a mother figure, not HIS mother. If it's to help fill a void, then chances mom and son roleplay the last thing he wants is to think of his mother, because she's the one causing that void. But talking to him would be good. Thank you so much for the nice answer : I want to make him happy and it doesn't really creep me out, so I'm going to try it. I'm just really inexperienced with this concept.

To clarify, men who engage in this roleplay are never thinking of their real mother. I think it is healthy and even sexy to think that way, but worry about it ever happening. Gotta be careful but enjoy the thoughts. My boyfriend is wonderful, and lately he has been expressing fantasies of calling me Mommy, and wanting me to "feed him" my boobies as he calls them. He says he wants me to hold and comfort him, basically baby him but no diapers or things like that.

I've tried googling it, but only find infantism, which isn't what he wants, he basically wants to be like a 12 year old who is too close to his mom. Any advice on this? Any idea what its called, if anything. And I want to make him happy, just trying to understand. Please no judging. Share Facebook. Add Opinion. Wow, just a thought, he is acting out what he may have encountered at some point in his child hood. If you truly care about him, first ask about his mom when you are out of the bedroom also any other women in his life, sister, aunt, friends when he was even the babysitter. Perhaps while out walking or in a sit down style bring things up in conversation about friends that have been molested, or something you might see on tv.

Trust your gut on this, this is not a fetish that comes out of no where this is something he developed, the question is why did he develop this. It does not sound healthy at all, in the end seek professional help as you can only assist in bringing out the controversy that is surrounding him that he probably hasn't even thought of or isn't even realizing it, he may not even remember what happened until you speak about different things. Tread lightly and do not accuse him as he might get upset, good luck.

TXinFL27 Xper 1. Just do it and have fun! I learned a lot! He likes mommy porn where the son forces his mom to have sex with him but in the end she enjoys it. He also likes it when the mommy takes on the role of teaching him about sex and showing him how to do it. I was really nervous about my acting abilities!

I came across GirlsAskGuys in my search for ideas. I hope this helps! Maybe he has mommy issues. Also it depends what he's into, maybe it just turns it on. Some people look to sexual relationships to fill a void in their life that left them feeling empty, so it could totally be mommy issues, just like some girls date older men because of daddy issues.

I've asked an older guy once to pretend that I was his daughter and that I was acting wild told him to beat me. He just responded with "Well I don't hit my kids, but I'll pretend that you're too hot and need a spanking! YOu should both be comfortable. Show All Show Less. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the advice, and not being Judgy :.

Not sure what fetish this would be called. While he doesn't want to play a baby, it's close to the idea. He's just not into the whole diaper thing, which is another fetish that combines with this one. If it's called anything, it's roleplaying.

It makes sense though. It's not that hard to imagine, because we all want to be comforted by the one we love, to be taken care of, to be loved. It's just something that transfers over from your childhood to your adulthood.

So this fetish makes sense and isn't anything to be ashamed of. Many people have far stranger fetishes. As long as these fetishes don't interfere with daily life or your relationship. Massageman 4. When I was single, there was this one particular gal I was dating.

We'd get back from the movies or whatever our date was, and sit in her living room for awhile. On several occasions, she'd pat her lap and quietly say, "Come here, baby. Not enough to let her breast smash into my face. No: just enough to let her nipple graze my face and waiting mouth. She would stroke by hair, I would contentedly suc - excuse me, er, I have to go take a cold shower.

You are really lucky to have such a partner. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Paulaanderson opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 5. Some great advice you have had I had same with my hubby and after got used to it, it has been erotic and hot His mum was wonderful lady a typical plain Jane woman with Hollywood perm of 30s films tad over weight but curvy. They had great pally relationship When he told me of his like for stockings and girdles we discussed it and why. It came from her wearing mom and son roleplay and he saw a lot I was fortunate to talk to her about it eventually and got great advice from her I later became pregnant and her advice was great.

Son is 20 now so the fantasies still happen and I have opened up to him about mine. Drrock Xper 1. You are awesome! Your man is lucky. Keep at it there are lots of mommy stuff u can do many that are common to most men.

Such as using my moms panties to jerk off intoso many men ask for custom videos with that. Another is getting caught by mom while watching mommy porn.

Mom and son roleplay

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