Monster girl vs furry

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Activity Comments. Started by Nicelucario. Posted about a year ago. Posted about a year ago Report. Link Quote Reply. Anonymous 98A9 You have no idea what a monster girl is, do you? DocVer Nagas and mersharks. Monster girls, as best as I can figure out the definition, are typical JRPG monsters made anthropomorphic with traits typical of sexy human females. Mythological creatures notwithstanding.

Furries are pretty similar in this regard, being animals made with anthropomorphic traits. So I guess monster girls could count as furries in this context. Granted monster girls can seem more human compared to furries, but still, since they're based on creatures quite different from humans, I still regard them as being completely non-human, no matter how human they can look.

After all, any physical monster or animalistic feature possessed, no matter how minor, considerably makes the character non-human by default. Such semantics are getting into the Ship of Theseus kind of argument though, which is more complicating then I'm willing to touch on… Then again, "furry" can be very vague, even working in reverse humans made to look animalistic. To that end, since "furry" can be such a broad term, monster girls might as well be "furries," if only because it can be harder to argue against such an ambiguous definition then for it.

Still, maybe the simplest answer is to just regard "monster girls" as an "unintentional" sub-category of furries. Not unlike the ponies of My Little Pony. Posted 11 months ago Report. There's also some drama monster girl vs furry the Monster Musume thread on Derpibooru about what is a monster girl and what is furry, and according to at least one person, nagas and Shepherd's art are furry rather than monster, so it's a person-by-person thing.

Radomila Radon.

What about this? I made my original species unnamed yet.

Posted 6 months ago Report. Radomila Radon What about her? Nicelucario I think she's in the monster girl group. She's also a furry but negligible.

My original specie is a scaled humanoid, and multiple tongues. Radomila Radon Looks like a monster girl to me. Interested in advertising on Furbooru? for information! Edit Preview. B i U spoiler code strike sup sub no parse.

Monster girl vs furry

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