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Tuck photo. The decline in Mr skin premium applications and enrollment in U. According to a survey conducted by a Japanese career consultancy firm, Japanese graduates from top U. If anything, s point to this trend accelerating rather than slowing: Data from GMAC shows the of Graduate Management Admission Test takers from Japan falling to a new low in Kinya Seto, a member of the Dartmouth Tuck School of Business MBA Class of and CEO of a major manufacturing firm based in Tokyo, worries that the decline will have considerable negative impact on business leadership in Japan, and therefore on the future of business in his home country.

So he decided to do something about it. Seto recently made a seven-figure mr skin premium to endow a scholarship fund at Tuck for MBA candidates from Japan, hoping to inspire imitators at peer schools and — eventually — reverse the downward trend of Japanese students seeking a U. The decline of corporate sponsorship for Japanese students seeking higher education in the U. They were so engaged in the global economy in the s, now they have become more insular. Kinya Seto says MBA sponsorships declined for cultural reasons in Japan, and he agrees that there are deeper causes for the drop-off.

And a more important reason is perception. I think Japanese students do not have strong confidence in the type of abilities they will be able to gain in U. And I think that is coming from a deeper cultural reason: Japan is a homogeneous society. So in this homogeneous society, accumulated experience in a particular company and a particular industry might be perceived as more important than heterogeneous generic knowledge and expertise.

So that means that sponsorship may not to be a good investment for the company. Global barriers are now disappearing. If you are in a company for five to six years, and you are surrounded by people who are accumulating that same expertise for 20 years, then your perception opens up to the necessity to be exposed to heterogeneous cultures. I think the personal aspect is necessary because in business education, you need lots of patience. If you are really determined and have the confidence to spend 12 hours in front of the screen and learn everything without going to the bars and everything, then we may not have to do that.

I will fight.

I will study. I will be great. I think that people really need that real buddy who has a similar vision or a similar purpose, and then they can motivate and inspire each other. But you can achieve it online. Seto hopes his move to endow a scholarship for one or two Dartmouth students each year spurs others at peer schools to follow his lead — and that this, in turn, le to a rejuvenation of interest in the MBA among professionals in Japan.

But of course, in general, it would be pretty good to have Harvard graduates, Wharton graduates, and Stanford graduates spending and sponsoring, investing the money to return the pay back to the schools as well as the Japanese mr skin premium community. That would be great. Learn more about the new scholarship at Dartmouth Tuck by clicking here.

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