Oddlots irregulars

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The Oddlots Irregulars are made up of users from the Oddlots Irregulars forum members The group is made up of all different sorts of people, all from different walks of life, hell one of them is a zombie.

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When the plague first hit everyone thought it was a mundane outbreak. Something that could be contained, controlled, and cured No one could have predicted what actually occurred and by the time the CDC figured it out it was too late.

The inhabitants of Malton were quarantined in their homes, awaiting further instructions that never came. The city became a no-mans land, a horrific memory waiting to be extinguished by the gray veil of time. Most of the citizens died within days. Some from the scourge that was sweeping through the streets, some from starvation or lack of medical treatment, and some from the sheer horror of what oddlots irregulars world had become.

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Those that lived began searching for refuge wherever they could find it. Local shops became relief stations and police and fire departments became safe houses. A new city was forged, one based on survival.

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Citizens banded together and fought for their lives, their humanity, and the faint hope that one day their world would belong to them again. One such group met seemingly by chance in the suburb of Dartside at a small, crumbling apartment building. The lettering on the front of the structure was faded and whatever residents had once dwelled there were either dead or something far worse.

The rag-tag bunch came from all walks of life.

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They each had pasts that would prove both a help and a hindrance to the groups' survival. It was often remarked by many of them that this was the oddest lot of people that could ever be thrown together. Over time they learned to work as a team and made a new home for themselves adopting a surname that identified them to the other factions that had formed. The shadow of their former lives haunted each of them as they strove to create new ones. They are the Oddlots and this is their story.

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This group is not in any way affiliated with the Thompson Mall Irregulars, though we do salute their actions. Jump to:search. : Groups Survivor Groups.

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Oddlots irregulars

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Oddlots Irregulars